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The World’s Most Decadent Massage: on a Gondola!

Massage is one of those careers you take practically anywhere – even the canals of Venice.


As celebrations continue for its 50th anniversary year, the Hotel Cipriani has announced its freshest ever proposal, where the art of massage meets an emblem that is strictly Venetian: the Gondola.


In perfectly natural synergy, the gently rocking of the gondola and the talented hands of a massage therapist induce a profound sense of calm, allowing the mind and body to effortlessly drift into a natural state of relaxation that washes away every ounce of stress.


A mat that has been specially designed to embrace the shape of the gondola cradles the body during this total body massage, which places special focus on the back, shoulders, neck, and face, where soft rhythmic rocking alternates with kneading and gentle brushing effleurage. To protect sun sensitive skin, no essential oils or perfumes are used on the body. Instead, the Casanova Spa therapists have blended a special oil rich in vitamin E and F with a high SPF sun screen, coffee oil and peach milk.


This special 40-minute body treatment ends with a foot massage and the opportunity to relax in the hotel’s fragrant and shaded garden with a cooling iced tea.


A special venue for the ‘gondola massage’ has been created in a hidden corner of the Venetian lagoon, where the sounds of silence ebb and flow with the sea – a magnificent backdrop for a massage that is positively unique, just like Venice.


The Hotel Cipriani Gondola Massage is priced from 400 Euro plus 10% tax and can be booked directly with the Casanova Spa.


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