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Jul 31, 2015

5 Reasons Why Learning Massage Therapy in San Francisco Rules

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Contributing Writer: Elizabeth Higareda

Being a massage student in San Francisco has been a fantastic experience. There’s a sense of community in Group 28 that I’ve never felt anywhere else I’ve attended school. With San Francisco being such a diverse community, our interactions with the public are always different and exciting. Day to day, we’re always finding new ways to connect concepts and push forward with our education. There’s focus on meditation and finding our center. Lectures are interactive and there’s always ample time for body work. I feel confident in the modalities we’ve learned and I can’t wait to join the work force!

5 Reasons Why Learning Massage Therapy in SF Rules

  1. Awesome mentors! They keep you motivated to come to class and relay information effectively.
  2. My classmates are incredible. We all help each other in our own specific ways, whether it’s heart warming hugs or that little bit of extra tutoring to get someone caught up.
  3. Safe Space! I never have to worry about being judged or bullied when I come onto campus. It’s safe to share ideas, new techniques and to just be myself.
  4. NHI takes their name to heart. Massage school truly is a holistic experience. While the focus is on learning massage technique and how to be amazing massage therapists, there are so many little ways that we get to examine and grow ourselves as people. I can hardly believe the growth in my confidence after only 6 months and I’m excited to finish my journey.
  5. I know I’m getting the best possible education in the field. We’re constantly getting constructive feedback from teachers, students, and clients. We’re hands on from day one and it only gets better from there.

Five Reasons Why I Love NHI’s SF Campus

  1. The diverse and crazy-wonderful group 28.
  2. The calm the campus provides, even amid a chaotic city.
  3. The laughter that accompanies every class.
  4. The new, exciting things I learn and plan to take into my future practice.
  5. The confidence that a supportive school gives me, both as a therapist and a person.

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