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Last week I briefly spoke to a woman who was touring the San Jose campus of NHI. I asked her why she was interested in pursuing a career in massage therapy and how long had she been interested. I wanted to know if she had any questions for me and she surprised me by asking what personally interested me about this field. I answered as best I could, but in the short time we had together I felt that my answer was insufficient. I promised myself I would be better prepared “next time.” Well, here is the response I would have liked to have given to this young, future bodyworker:

Being a bodyworker has helped to develop my sense of attention. Like many “boomers,” I have sampled many personal and spiritual growth seminars, workshops and teachers but, without a doubt, sitting with clients, hour after hour, day after day, has proven to be the best personal development “technology” I have come across.

To what do I pay attention while working?

I begin each session perceiving, as best I can, the organismic intelligence within the client’s body. At NHI we have a saying, “Trust the process.” By paying attention to what is “right” or “well” about the client—this cellular wisdom–the body begins to tell me its story. Gone are the client’s ideas about what needs “fixing,” as well as my own “expert” opinions about what they need. A third thing emerges: the silent voice of the person’s tissues guiding me to assist them on the completely unique process in which they are currently engaged.

Rockwell Pay Attention

Being a bodyworker has helped me develop the capacity to pay attention to that intelligence in my clients, in a redwood tree by home, and among the people with whom I work. It is non-verbal, or better, pre-verbal. I liken it to a river of aliveness, always and already perfect, that connects everything to everything else.

I pay attention to the gift of the client’s embodiment, the miracles that have gone into stitching 70-plus trillion cells into a human being. By extension, I come to pay attention and to respect the gift of my own embodiment. Just as today is the only December 10, 2013 that will ever exist, each client I have the privilege to work with is an unrepeatable nexus of intelligence and radiance.

Rockwell Pay Attention Hands

Lastly, I pay attention to the very act of HOW I pay attention. I go slower. I use all of my 26 senses. I read between the lines and pretend every conversation is a song, or a poem. Mostly I slow down and trust the sacred process that I am, that we all are, even when things are not “going right;” indeed, especially when things are not going the way I think they should. As the saying goes, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” Neither is an inattentive one. If we are not in awe, we are simply not paying attention.

~Dr. Jeff Rockwell



December 16, 2013   5 Comments

National Holistic Institute Sports Massage Team to Provide Bodywork to San Jose Sabercats Football Team

National Holistic Institute is proud to announce our partnership with the San Jose Sabercats Arena Football Team!  NHI sports massage students will be connecting with the athletes on the Sabercats team to provide post-game sports massage!

According to a recent article in the New York Times, post-exercise massage provides real medical benefits to athletes by reducing inflammation and increasing mitochondria which help rebuild and repair the cells in our muscles.  With sports massage being a hot item of interest in massage, and more teams realizing the value and benefits of body work for their players, this provides an outstanding opportunity for our students interested in this field.

Their season started in this month with the first official game in March, and continuing through July 2012.  Students arrive at the facility in Sunnyvale, where they perform 15-30 minute massages – post event style – under the supervision of David Kobata, the Sabercats’ athletic trainer.

When asked what he looks for in prospective externs, David states he looks for students who are genuinely interested in sports massage and who really know their kinesiology and are confident in their abilities.   They MUST also be on time and dependable.  Students are welcome to hand out business cards to the players, making it a beneficial opportunity for those looking to create a thriving private practice.  Obviously this will also look great on a resume and give our students real-life bodywork training in addition t0 the clinic where they practice in school.

David works with a number of different professional and semi professional sports organizations and said he has heard many good things about NHI.  We hope that the school’s connection with David may lead to other opportunities and events for the National Holistic Institute Sports Massage Team.

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National Holistic Institute named Massage Therapy School of the Year by the World Massage Festival

National Holistic Institute has been named 2012 Massage Therapy School of the Year at the World Massage Festival to be held in Las Vegas, August 19-22, 2012! 

“Today, NHI is one of the most respected and largest schools of massage therapy in the world. Their history and network of relationships in the field continue to help graduates have success and help keep their fingers on the pulse of the dynamic field of massage therapy.” – Massage Magazine

When you go to work every day and you love what you do, it’s surprising and humbling to receive recognition for it.  That’s how all of us at NHI felt when we heard that the World Massage Festival had chosen us as the Massage Therapy School of the Year.  For several years, this well-established festival has been home to the Massage Hall of Fame, complete with a who’s who of massage profession inductees.  To now be permanently acknowledged alongside those industry luminaries is an incomparable privilege.  For all the staff and students who have and will come through the NHI doors over the decades, we look forward to accepting this honor on their behalf.

More than three decades of hard work and commitment to the massage field has led to this recognition. Carol Carpenter, founder of NHI, had a vision of what massage education could be. Carol built a school whose roots still feed and support the organization today.  The foundation she built was made of knowledge, professionalism, and a deep dedication to excellence. In 2003, Carol Carpenter retired and Mason Myers and Tim Veitzer stepped in and continue to lead in the tradition of excellence.

Tim and Mason have grown NHI to be a statewide massage school with six (soon to be seven) thriving campuses. Today NHI offers the most current state of the art education available in massage therapy. Over the years, we have continued to refine our curriculum in order stay current with the growth of the massage industry and ensure that our graduates are ready to be successful in any area of the massage field they choose.

Our graduates work in a wide variety of industry specialization including the allied medical professions, spa industry, private practice, sports and fitness. Today the possibilities are virtually endless. The massage industry has grown tremendously and more and more job opportunities open up every day. It is a very exciting time to be a massage therapist!

NHI is growing along with the field. In addition to a foundational education in massage therapy, NHI now offers a 400-hour Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Program for massage therapists wishing to specialize in therapeutic massage. We also have robust sport massage and professional on-site teams that provide massage at events and locations around the state. We have had as many as 120 massage therapists gathered together to offer massage to the runners of the Nike Women’s Marathon, and participate in many more events year round.

We are proud of our growth and achievements, but our biggest accomplishment is our students. They go out into the field and bring professional, positive and healing touch to so many. We are proud to know that we have sent thousands of massage professionals into the field, and they in turn have enriched the lives of thousands and thousands more whom they’ve touched. Our graduates have helped those suffering from long-term and sometimes debilitating pain, supported women as they go through pregnancy and childbirth, provided comfort and care to those who need it,  helped professional athletes improve their performance, and generally have helped to decrease the stress levels of all with whom they come in contact.  You might even say our graduates are changing the world one touch at a time.
Massage Magazine National Holistic Institute World Massage Festival

To read Massage Magazine’s article about the prestigious award bestowed on NHI, click the following link.

January 31, 2012   3 Comments

From Dream to Reality: A New Massage Practice is Born | NHI Massage Blog Guest Post

This week, we bring you a post from a few of our graduates – Gathering all they have learned at NHI, the San Jose campus alumni opened the Silicon Valley Massage Therapy Group, LLC.  Their doors opened to the public in November of 2011 and they are on their way to a thriving new business. Their mission? “Exceptional body work, Exceptional results”… and we know they mean what they say. Without further ado, please allow us to introduce NHI grad Bard Williams of SV Massage Therapy Group:

“NHI isn’t just a place to get a world-class education as a massage therapist – it’s also an incubator for new entrepreneurs.  As graduates we all have our dreams of how we might use our new skills – maybe a thriving private practice, working in an elegant spa, or following a sports team. There are lots of options!  As a marketing exec and “serial entrepreneur”, I’ve always liked the challenge of building a business from the ground up.  A massage practice has lots of moving parts and the process seemed nearly impossible at the beginning and I quickly realized that several heads were way better than one.  I didn’t have to look far – two other really talented therapists were sitting right next to me in class!  So, on 11/1/11, three NHI-San Jose students, Mayke Weiber, Javier Nikaido and I, launched the Silicon Valley Massage Therapy Group.

So, it’s official.  We’re a “Silicon Valley startup” with big dreams.  We quickly expanded the team to include fellow NHI student Sharon Lee whose amazing skills, positive energy and administrative talents helped us stay grounded and organized.  We found an amazing location and worked through the process of licensing and getting the space ready. Then, as we each became CAMTC certified, we picked up more NHI students and alumni as therapists or to help with reception work.  All of us continue to learn about the business of massage therapy. Luckily, we’ve got the support of classmates, our NHI instructors, friends, family and a whole bunch of people who appreciate our skills.

Now we’re all focused on attracting clients and building the practice. It’s so good to put into action the things we learned at NHI – from business and marketing to great bodywork, we all feel very prepared to move ahead with our dreams of a successful practice. We invite you to book a session with us online at or give us a call at (408) 260–CALM (2256), or contact us about employment opportunities at Mention this blog post and we’ll give you a nice discount.”


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National Holistic Institute at the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco

Before sunrise on a crisp San Francisco morning, 109 students representing all six campuses of the National Holistic Institute were busy setting up the massage tent with 80 massage tables at the Finish Line Village at the Nike Women’s Marathon.

This year marked the eighth year for the event that draws over 22,000 runners from around the world to the half and full marathon.  The course is filled with steep climbs and beautiful views of the city and the Bay.  The finishers of the race are rewarded with Tiffany necklaces and post-race massages.  Kaiser Permanente, a major sponsor of the Nike Women’s Marathon, contracted The NHI Sports Team to provide these post-race massages.


By 9:00, the massage tables are littered with runners and student therapists working to relax and stretch strained muscles. When the last runner was escorted off of her massage table at 2:15, the NHI Sports Team had performed collectively over 1700 massages.

The students were joined by seven instructors from the various campus, Beth McNeill (SJ), Kristine TenBrink (SJ), Curtis Hisao (SJ), Mark Nielson (PE/EM), Lucas Nevarez (SAC), Phil Okazaki (SJ), and Gabriel Posner (SF/EM) and 15 Teaching Assistants who supported the students by coaching bodywork, issuing and managing breaks and injuries.  The San Jose Campus Student Services and Career Life Coordinator, Chris Pavao acted as Master of Ceremonies directing the line and finding open massage tables for the athletes.  The average wait time was a mere 15 minutes.

The NHI Sports Massage Team prepped for this event by holding sports-specific training sessions where students learned about the marathon, athlete training plans, common injuries and massage techniques.  While it was a mild morning in the city, the team was equipped with skills to combat thermal injuries.

The calm before the storm

The student therapists had fun, worked hard and finished the day with a sense of accomplishment.  They each provided at least 15 massages through out the day, more clients than they see in a regular week.  Emily Luckett from On Board, who is the event planner for the Nike Women’s Marathon, “Thanks for all of your hard work, NHI!  Everything seemed to be managed very smoothly.  We appreciate your efforts!”

In response from the post-event report given by NHI Staff lead, Beth McNeill, Curshanda Woods from Kaiser Permanente had this to say, “Thank you, NHI.  Great job, Beth!  Everything looked great.”  The NHI Sports Massage Team ended the day taking a group picture and a group WHOOSH!  Kudos to NHI and to the students participating in the Sports Team.


November 3, 2011   1 Comment

Your Test Drive for Massage School | NHI Class Observation

How many times in life do you get a dress rehearsal before you have to do the real thing? They say life is about diving in head first, taking a leap of faith and just doing it. That may work for some people but it doesn’t work for everyone.  After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without getting a feel for how it handles and seeing yourself in the driver’s seat, would you?

We want to help you make the best decision when it comes to choosing the right school and the right career path. We want you to have the chance to experience NHI before you decide become a student.

You keep hearing that it is an amazing journey from beginning to end and the testimonials give you a sense of how this program impacts a student’s life, but what is it really like to be a student at NHI?  After all, going to school is a big commitment and an investment in your future. Well, what if you could attend a class for the day with no commitment?  Could you imagine yourself as a massage therapist?

Well, this is your turn to experience it. We are giving you the opportunity to observe and participate in a class at a campus near you. We know you will love what you see. After all, we want to help you have work you love.

There are many ways to find out when the next Class Observation will be!

-Tell our Admissions Team that you are interested in learning more about classes at NHI!

-Like our NHI Facebook Page and your campus Facebook Page to receive invites in your news feed!

-Keep an eye on our Campus Events Calendar!

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A Different Kind of Bedtime Story | Encourage Healthy Growth and Development Through Pediatric Massage Therapy

Pediatric Massage Master Teacher Tina Allen rolled into NHI’s San Jose campus recently to talk about the value of massage for infants and children.  Allen, the founder of Liddle Kidz Foundation travels North America with her husband and young son in a customized tour bus giving workshops and presentations about the benefits of touch therapy for the youngest among us.  Although massage is often still seen by the general public as an annual luxury or first aid for a sore back after a weeketnd of cleaning up the yard, it can also support healthy, well children in the normal process of growth and development, as well little ones who are struggling with complex medical conditions.  And Tina Allen should know: She managed the United States’ first comprehensive pediatric massage program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and recently consulted on the development of a comprehensive pediatric massage therapy program at The Mayo Clinic.


A fun way Tina shared of introducing massage to children is through massage stories.  Using a combination of light strokes such as hand glides, palm circles, finger taps, and cupping, she guided the group of 30+ San Jose students, staff, and faculty through a familiar story: the change of weather from a bright sunny day to one with lots of snow.  It even included a guest appearance by a pair of cats on the top of a chimney!  Ms. Allen encouraged NHI students to develop their own massage stories and to try them out on the children in their lives.  Whether it’s a massage story about making a pizza, planting a garden or taking a swim in the ocean, it’s Tina Allen’s conviction that children who have a positive experience with healthy touch early on in their lives will grow up to be peaceful leaders in the world.  Tina feels so strongly about this vision that she organizes, trains, and leads volunteers on trips to orphanages abroad.  Previous sites included Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand, with Ghana slated for later this year.  She is also a certified trainer of Peaceful Touch.

June 10, 2011   1 Comment

Public Awareness and Health Education: Supported by Whole Foods, Shared by NHI Petaluma Massage Students

I am always pleased to see the reaction on people’s faces when you offer them FREE massage. There tends to be a moment of disbelief followed by complete gratitude. It is amazing how 15 minutes of compassionate skilled touch can completely change a person’s outlook for the day. It is a privilege to be a part of that.

The new Whole Foods in Santa Rosa has been designed to support public awareness and health education. The experience of offering massage there has been phenomenal on so many different levels. One of the most exciting aspects for all involved has been the opportunity to connect with a lovely community of individuals, be it the customers or Whole Foods staff. As a massage therapist it has been wonderful to make connections with individuals that are interested in health and well being from a holistic perspective, including nutrition, supplementation, energy healing, massage, stress management, etc..

As an instructor it is so fulfilling to see the students and graduates of NHI at work. While we are there we get to talk to people about massage and share our passion for therapeutic touch. One student stated as she arrived for the day that she was very nervous about talking to people and “marketing” herself. By the end of the day she had networked with several customers and even booked a massage for her private practice!

Next we will be offering a workshop at Whole Foods on the value of infant massage. Imagine what this world would be like if we all started off getting massage on a regular basis! I wonder if we could change the world one massage at a time…

~ Breanna G.
Mentor, NHI Petaluma

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Reaching Out To The Community Through Massage Therapy: A Look Back at 2010 For the National Holistic Institute Sports Massage Team

In our continued efforts to give back to the community that supports our students and graduates, the National Holistic Institute is proud to share the success of our Sports Massage Team.  Sports Massage is a growing profession that focuses on the application of a variety of massage techniques and stretching exercises to enhance athletic performance. The NHI Sports Massage Team was formed in response to student requests to provide massage therapy for the community. The team is run on a volunteer basis, and all massages given to the community by NHI students at sponsored events are free of charge.  If the event is for a charity, all student tips go back to the charity sponsor!

Sports Massage Team SJ

In 2010, we were active in 40 Outreach Events throughout California.  Over 300 students and graduates were trained in sport-specific sports massage and volunteered their time and skills at these events to perform over 8,000 complimentary massages!  We are proud to have developed relationships with amazing organizations such as Diabetes Foundation, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Team In Training, MS Society, Best Buddy International, and the American Heart Association.  We would like to thank them for their support and all of the positive work that they do.

In 2010, the team also touched smaller populations such the Native American Indian population at an annual Pow-Wow; a family whose daughter was critically injured in a car accident and a local rotary club who was raising money to fight diabetes.   Our program has been extremely successful and this has shown through high praise that students have received from event coordinators like Tri-Cal, Finishline Productions, Avanti Sports, LA Marathon and Kaiser Permanente, to name a few.  The students developed a supportive, proactive team and succeed in promoting the benefits of massage.

sports massage The Sports Massage Team not only benefits the public, but the students who volunteer are exposed to new and exciting situations that are only possible in real-life experiences.  They are exposed to a high volume of clients for an extended period of time and learn how to work together in a setting that many students have never been a part of.  Many students took it as a chance to look at their own fitness and began training for similar events and becoming involved in some of the charities that they had been benefitting. They also gained an understanding of how their participation in sporting and charity events can help them develop their careers as Massage Therapists and how important community outreach work is to their personal as well as professional lives.  We hope to be even more active and work with more wonderful organizations in 2011!


To learn more about the NHI Sports Massage Team visit our Facebook pages:
NHI San Jose Sports Massage Team
NHI North Bay Sports Massage Team

January 10, 2011   5 Comments

SF Holistic Health Examiner Spotlights NHI Student

SF Examiner Anna Sallas

The San Francisco Holistic Health Examiner recently featured National Holistic Institute San Jose student Anna Sallas and her personal quest to become certified in oncology massage.  Way to go, Anna!

Read the entire article here.

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NHI Massages for Haiti Disaster


San Jose became the first National Holistic Institute campus to hold a Haiti Disaster Relief Fundraiser this past Saturday.   With massages booked every available session and donations still coming in, the San Jose Campus has already raised over $1200!

Campus Manager Beth McNeill massaged alongside 10 student therapists, 2 graduates and 3 teachers for donations to go to Haiti victims.  Beth wasn’t looking to massage all three sessions when she came in to lend a hand, “but was excited just like [NHI teachers] Phil, Gena, and Darlene to help out where needed.”

Thanks to the staff and students of National Holistic Institute who are donating their time, skills and supplies so that all the proceeds of our special clinics can go to the people who need them.

Want to participate in one of our Haiti Disaster Relief Fundraiser Clinics?  You still have 4 more opportunities.

Click on your preferred campus below to book an appointment.  If your campus appears unavailable at the moment, please try again at a later date.  Additional massage volunteers will allow more sessions to come available.   

  • Encino                   Wed, January 27        6:15p, 7:30p, 8:45p
  • San Francisco   Thu, January 28         1:30p, 2:45p, 4:00p
  • Emeryville          Thu, January 28         6:15p, 7:30p, 8:45p
  • Petaluma              Wed, February 10     1:30p, 2:45p, 4:00p

Simply book and attend a designated massage clinic at one of our campuses and pay at least the minimum massage fee*.  You’ll receive a 50-minute student massage and your entire fee plus any contribution will be donated to USAid.

With your help, we can touch the world!

*Massage fees vary from $20-$35 depending on campus.  No gift cards accepted.  Cash only.

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NHI San Jose Sports Massage Team Triumphs in 2009


With 15 events and counting in 2009, the National Holistic Institute’s San Jose Sports Massage Team looks forward to 2010 with 7 events already planned.

A whopping 140 students participated in a wide range of events including the AFM motorcycle endurance ride, I Care Classic cycling tour, Forest of Nisene Marks Trail Run, Tour de [Read more →]

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NHI Open Houses

SJ Open House shiatsu

While National Holistic Institute offers class starts year-round, we experience the most enrollment excitement during the back-to-school time of August and September.  So, with great delight, our campuses recently threw open their doors to the many new prospective students with several Open House events.

From San Jose to Encino, prospective students, friends, and family members snacked on cheese & crackers, cookies, and assorted fruit while mixing with members of the faculty, admissions, current students, and graduates.  Attendees visited an anatomy-rich science room; received sports massage treatments; participated in [Read more →]

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NHI Sports Massage Team Raises $500 for American Cancer Society

Eight members of National Holistic Institute’s San Jose Campus Sports Massage Team donated their time and talents to raise $500 for the American Cancer Society by providing massage therapy for the participants of the Los Gatos Relay for Life.  The NHI students worked from dawn to dusk providing relief for achy lower backs and knotted calves.  Relay For Life can be considered the American Cancer Society’s signature activity. They are overnight events and can last up to 24 hours in length.  The event in Los Gatos was held at the track at Rolling Meadows Middle School.  The NHI Sports Massage Team offered $1/minute massages throughout the day and by 8:00 pm had collected a considerable donation to a great cause.

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Alicia Ramos Enjoys the AMTA National Convention

Here is a view of the AMTA National Convention from San Jose Campus Manager Alicia Ramos.

I had a great time at the National Convention recently.  It was my first time at a National Convention and I was thrilled to meet so many great names in the industry!  Most notable for me was Judith Aston (above, with Melissa and me), who gave me lots to aspire to, personally.  I decided I want to be just like her “when I grow up”!  She is poised, graceful, strong, flexible and radiates wellness on all levels from her very being!  She was gracious enough to chat with me at the dinner/dance and I was able to see that not only was she amazing from a far, but she was genuine, too.

The other “big name in the industry” that I met that was most influential to me was Carol Osborne ( who was honored as AMTA’s “Teacher of the Year”.  She gave an inspiring and touching speech at the Teacher’s Networking Luncheon and she taught “Balancing Art and Science in Massage Therapy”, which was one of the “teacher tract” workshops I attended.  From that class, I felt both validated (that NHI already uses some of her suggested activities/techniques to include both Art and Science in all our classes) and excited to share with the NHI faculty her tips that I believe will add even more depth, understanding and fun to our already fabulous classes.

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NHI San Jose Campus Sports Massage Team at the AFM Endurance Ride

San Jose teacher Beth McNeill reports from the field.

On Saturday morning, five students from the San Jose campus and I drove up to Napa to provide chair massage for the riders of the 4-hour Endurance Ride hosted by the American Federation of Motorcyclists (AFM).  A student from Group 32 arranged the event through the president of the AFM.  She was also instrumental in bringing the riders and vendors and cornerworkers to the massage area.

We provided chair massage at the massage area, at the timing area and in the pits.  The students felt very prepared to work on the riders after attending a sports massage training focusing on the specific needs of a motorcyclist.  They all did great work throughout the day.  The riders loved having on-site massage and the President of AFM has asked us (NHI) to think about coming back for more events next season.

We all had a great deal of fun.  It was a wonderful to spend Saturday with this crew!

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San Jose Celebrates Constitution Day!

While I was traveling to Phoenix on Wednesday to the AMTA National Convention, the NHI campuses were celebrating Constitution Day.  Here is Beth Fisher’s report from San Jose.

Group #32 winner Kai Nomellini proudly displays her Biofreeze prize pack in front of a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

Group #32 winner Kai Nomellini proudly displays her Biofreeze prize pack in front of a copy of the U.S. Constitution.

On September 17th, students and staff at the San Jose campus observed Constitution Day in honor of the signing of the nation’s most instrumental document, as well as in appreciation of the school’s continued receipt of federal financial aid.  The student lounge was a frenzy of activity at 11:00 a.m. as students raced against the clock to complete a “Framing of the U.S. Constitution” word search and fill-in-the-blank puzzle.  Winners in each group received a complimentary pack of Biofreeze lotion.

Group #31 student Eddie Russell holds his prize pack.

Group #31 student Eddie Russell holds his prize pack.

As part of the festivities, participants also snacked on sugar and M&M cookies while sipping tea and juice from blue and red plastic cups, each cup with a distinctive Constitution-related trivia quote on it.  For example, do you know who was the oldest person to sign the Constitution?  Benjamin Franklin at age 81.

Group #30 winner Sarah Cacdac.

Group #30 winner Sarah Cacdac.

September 23, 2008   1 Comment

So Long Summer!

Yes, I’m aware that summer officially ends September 21st.  But in most people’s minds, it’s over with the Labor Day weekend.  Vacations are done and school is back in session.

Of course, our school happens year-round.  That doesn’t mean we don’t celebrate summer, though.  In fact, this year we termed it the “Best Summer Ever” and filled it with fun events at each campus.  One of those was San Jose’s 2nd Annual BBQ in the Park.  Thanks to Beth Fisher, an admissions representative in San Jose, for providing details and pictures.

On August 11th, staff, students, and graduates of the NHI San Jose campus gathered at the nearby Frank M. Santana Park for the second incarnation of this event.  Picnickers chowed down on a choice of beef, salmon, or veggie burgers, as well as an array of vegetables and dip, salsa and chips, and some yummy chewy cookies.

San Jose campus hoops it up for second annual BBQ!

San Jose campus hoops it up for second annual BBQ!

In honor of the concurrent Olympics, participants demonstrated their athleticism in a unique triathlon of events – Frisbee throwing, hula hooping, and water balloon tossing.  Watch out, Michael Phelps!


SASC Benita MacDonald holds a hula hoop for the Frisbee throw.

SASC Benita MacDonald holds a hula hoop for the Frisbee throw.

Campus Manager Alicia Ramos, Student Administrative Services Coordinator Benita MacDonald, and Emeryville Student Services Coordinator Jaime Montenegro worked hard to make the event a success.  San Jose is already looking forward to next year!


And we look forward to more blogs from Beth, who looks to be a regular contributor.


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