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Jan 21, 2016

NHI Employer Special Feature: Watercourse Way

We had the opportunity to go to Watercourse Way, a full-service day spa in Palo Alto to chat with the manager, Nathan Hanley, about what they look for when hiring massage therapists, why they love hiring NHI grads, and why it’s a great time to become a massage therapist.

NHI: Nathan, thanks for taking the time to talk with us, so tell us a little bit about Watercourse Way!

Nathan: Watercourse Way is a full-service day spa in Palo Alto. We offer massage, facials, body treatments, scrubs, and wraps, and we also have private hot tub rooms that are all very uniquely designed. We’ve been in business for 35 years. I’ve personally been with Watercourse Way for 21 years.

NHI: Twenty-one years is a long time, it sounds like you’ve had a lot of experience hiring massage therapists. What do you typically look for when hiring a massage therapist?

Nathan: What we look for when hiring a massage therapist is someone who is well trained, and can communicate well with clients, understand the client’s needs, and provide them with the best experience. We are also looking for someone who takes their job seriously and believes in what they do.

NHI: Believing in what you do is very important. We often hear our grads tell us how happy they are to have found rewarding careers helping people. You currently have several NHI grads on your staff. Why do you like hiring NHI grads?

Nathan: We like hiring NHI graduates because of the high level of training they receive. We’ve had positive experiences with all of the NHI grads that have worked here.

NHI: That’s excellent to hear! Can you tell us about a time when an NHI grad has gone above and beyond?

Nathan: There have been many instances when an NHI graduate has gone above and beyond, almost too many to count. NHI grads deliver great work consistently, and receive great feedback, and have been longstanding members of our staff.

NHI: Is it a good time to become a massage therapist? What trends are you noticing about the massage therapy industry?

Nathan: It’s definitely a great time to become a massage therapist. The industry is growing in a major way right now which is fantastic for people that are interested in becoming massage therapists. Massage Therapy has definitely changed from the 70’s and 80’s. Massage is now viewed as a type of health care that is more readily accepted.

NHI: It’s great news to hear that the demand for massage therapy is rapidly increasing. Is Watercourse Way currently hiring massage therapists?

Nathan: Watercourse Way is always looking for the right type of massage therapist to join our staff. If you are proficient and care about what you do, there is definitely a place for you here.

NHI: What would you say to someone who is interested in becoming a massage therapist and considering training at NHI?

Nathan: If you’re thinking about becoming a massage therapist, it truly is an amazing profession. You get the opportunity to take care of someone who is in need or has pain. The best place to go for schooling to become a massage therapist is NHI! National Holistic Institute has the highest level of training, they produce the highest level of therapists. Watercourse Way has been around for 35 years, and I’ve been a part of it for 21 years and we really look for therapists who come from NHI. It’s really the best place to go if you are considering becoming a massage therapist.

If you are ready to jump-start your new career as a massage therapist, fill out the form on the following page and a member of our admissions team will get you set up with a personalized tour of one of our campuses, and provide you with more information about our massage therapy training program. It’s never too late to have a rewarding career that you’re passionate about!