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May 23, 2024

Perseverance Pays Off for NHI Sacramento Neuromuscular Therapists Chris Elias and Miranda Larson

NHI Sacramento Graduates and Neuromuscular Therapists, Chris Elias and Miranda Larson

NHI Sacramento Graduates and Neuromuscular Therapists, Chris Elias and Miranda Larson

Perseverance is defined as, “persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” NHI Sacramento graduate Chris Elias, along with fellow neuromuscular therapist Miranda Larson, know a thing or two about how it pays off to persevere.

Join us in celebrating their success as neuromuscular therapists and business owners by reading their incredible story below, told by Chris Elias.

Brimming with Ideas and Dreams yet Lacking a Definitive End Goal

My journey in this field began in the Fall of 2007 when I commenced my studies at Sac State, brimming with ideas and dreams yet lacking a definitive end goal. My aspirations were twofold: to pursue a career enabling me to apply tenacity in solving complex puzzles, while also leveraging that career to instill hope and happiness in others. While the notion of joining the Justice League may seem enticing, practical considerations led me elsewhere.

The pursuit of this personal puzzle spanned years, marked by challenges and revelations. Initial setbacks, such as shoulder injuries, spurred inquiries not only to my supervising physical therapy mentor but also to my attending physical therapist. Divergent approaches to treatment inspired a multidimensional perspective, leading me to explore various avenues of professional development. Despite setbacks in accessing doctoral programs due to prohibitive costs, I expanded my expertise by becoming a certified personal trainer and acquiring additional certifications, all while collaborating with seasoned professionals in the field.

A Period of Uncertainty and Soul-Searching

A breakthrough came with the realization that addressing repetitive motion injury dysfunction required a holistic approach encompassing tissue mobilization, joint realignment, and muscle strengthening. Armed with this newfound knowledge and purpose, I pursued a PTA program with determination, only to encounter discouragement and failure. Despite setbacks, I persevered, continuing to integrate physical therapy principles into my work as a personal trainer.

Returning to the physical therapy clinic where I initially found purpose, I assumed a role bridging the gap between therapy and lifestyle transformation. However, the onset of COVID-19 precipitated unemployment, prompting a period of uncertainty and soul-searching. Encouragement from mentors and the discovery of NHI and the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program reignited my sense of purpose.

My Own Practice in Collaboration with other ANMT Grads

As one of the most formally recognized massage therapy programs in the nation, NHI helped reinforce ideologies I had developed through other programs and help concrete my convictions in my own practice. The ANMT program taught me to never look at the body in pieces, always and only as a whole unit. NHI provided a program that I could take at a time that was both convenient and conducive to learning. After I completed the program, the staff at NHI helped me become certified and made the process quite painless.

While completing the ANMT program, I found employment at a clinic aligned, at the time, with my values. This was also where I and Miranda Larson, a fellow ANMT grad and classmate would collaborate and grow, eventually choosing entrepreneurship and establishing our practices. Unfortunately the clinic we were employed at and later would rent a space from, suffered from a chronic case of poor leadership, financial mismanagement, and questionable ethics.

The Muscle Whisperer Inc. & Unbound Bodyworks Logos

The Muscle Whisperer Inc. & Unbound Bodyworks

Miranda Larson and I, however, remained resolute in our principles of purpose, passion, and professionality. Through perseverance and collaboration, we established The Muscle Whisperer Inc. & Unbound Bodyworks, a Neuromuscular Therapy Clinic in Roseville, California, providing a platform for fellow ANMT graduates to launch their practices. I have my own practice in collaboration with other ANMT grads and love getting to solve biomechanical puzzles while making a difference in people’s lives.

Serving Our Community and Advancing the Field of Neuromuscular Therapy

In summary, my professional trajectory has been marked by perseverance, adaptability, and a commitment to holistic care. The establishment of our clinic stands as a testament to our dedication to serving our community and advancing the field of neuromuscular therapy.

If you are considering a career in neuromuscular therapy through NHI, I say do it! Do it for your passion of it. Do it to help you find your purpose. Do it to change someone’s life.

Connect with Chris and Miranda at The Muscle Whisperer Inc. & Unbound Bodyworks.

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