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Manage Arthritis Pain with Massage Therapy

Jun 29, 2015

I want to tell you about the most memorable massage I’ve ever done – literally. By the time my grandmother was in her nineties, her short-term memory was pretty much shot. She could remember WW2 like it was yesterday, but a conversation five minutes ago would escape her completely. I knew she was approaching the end … Read More

What is Reiki?

Jun 24, 2015

Have you heard about reiki, the energy healing system that’s been growing rapidly in popularity over the last several years? Curious about getting a session but not sure what it’s all about? Simply put, reiki means “universal life energy”. It originated in Japan in the early twentieth century when Dr. Mikao Usui, a Buddhist monk … Read More

National Holistic Institute and Biofreeze Announce Winner of the 2015 AMTA Convention Scholarship: Raymond Orona

Jun 1, 2015

National Holistic Institute and Biofreeze proudly announce that Raymond Orona, an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Graduate and Massage Therapy Ambassador at the NHI Santa Ana campus, has won the 2015 NHI/Biofreeze AMTA Convention Scholarship, honoring 2010 AMTA/Jerome Perlinski Teacher of the Year and NHI staffer Melissa Wheeler. Raymond will receive complimentary registration, airfare, and hotel for … Read More

6 Benefits of Thai Massage

May 27, 2015

Many people find themselves overwhelmed by stress and the toll it takes on body and mind. Some respond by way of such venerable arts as yoga to limber up a stiff body, or meditation to calm a turbulent mind. These arts are powerful, but they take time and discipline to cultivate. Wouldn’t it be great … Read More

5 Science Backed Benefits of Meditation

May 11, 2015

For thousands of years, meditators have claimed many benefits for their practice. Now scientists are finding evidence supporting many of these claims. Regularly taking 10 to 20 minutes to unwind and focus on yourself is one of the greatest secrets to longevity. Meditation can help with stress reduction, better sleep, lower blood pressure, improved immunity, … Read More

45 Marketing Tips for Massage Therapists

May 6, 2015

Marketing your massage therapy practice requires an understanding of the value you provide, getting in front of the people who need your services, and letting them know about it. We have compiled a list of 45 marketing tips for massage therapists to help build your practice. The great thing about this list is that you … Read More

NHI Massage Therapy Instructor in the Spotlight: Kati Athey

Apr 27, 2015

At NHI, our instructors are passionate experts in the field of massage therapy. This week we are featuring Kati Athey, a massage therapy instructor at our Emeryville campus. Kati attended the Core Program at NHI Petaluma, and continued her education in the Neuromuscular Therapy Program at NHI Emeryville. She graduated in 2011 and has worked in … Read More

AMTA’s Annual Conference Spa Track Review by NHI’s Student Life & Career Coordinator, Chamara Pittman

Apr 13, 2015

It’s not often that my friend world and professional world collide, but since indulging in Spa Life for the last three years, I have found my soul sisters. Our love for all things related to sugar scrubs, Vichy Showers, massage and saunas led us to decide on a sisters’ weekend disguised as the AMTA California Annual Conference in … Read More

NHI Student, Barry Crane’s Review of the Core 900 Hour Massage Therapy Program

Mar 31, 2015

I am Barry Crane. I am a certified massage therapist and am graduating from the NHI 900 Hour Core Program in April of this year. I became interested in massage when a friend invited me to join his Burning Man camp that provided therapeutic massage. I went and discovered that I had a gift for … Read More

Massage Therapy Represses Asthma

Mar 16, 2015

by William Mathis  Asthma almost killed me when I was five. I woke up scared and unable to breathe – which also raised my parents’ stress level dramatically. Several ER visits later, they knew something had to change. My asthma led us to Dr. Weiner’s office. His prescription was my first introduction to the medical … Read More

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