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Jul 5, 2021

NHI Santa Ana Student & AMTA Scholarship Recipient Chelsea Vanderbeek Found Relief From Fibromyalgia Through Massage Therapy

Chelsea Vanderbeek, NHI Santa Ana Student & AMTA Scholarship Recipient

Chelsea Vanderbeek, NHI Santa Ana Student & AMTA Scholarship Recipient

Chelsea Vanderbeek is a current Core Massage Therapy Training Program Student at NHI Santa Ana and was awarded $5,000 via the 2021 American Massage Therapy Association Student Scholarship. Learn more about Chelsea’s story which started as a recipient of massage therapy to control the symptoms of her fibromyalgia to a recipient of AMTA’s 2021 Student Scholarship.

Massage Therapy Changed My Life

Massage therapy changed my life. While still in high school, I had 4 major surgeries that stopped me from playing sports, and eventually, I developed Fibromyalgia. During college, I was regularly bed ridden and had difficulty keeping a normal work schedule. I finally met a massage therapist who was able to help me to the point where I could regularly attend classes and work, and control my symptoms.

Since meeting that massage therapist, I’ve met different massage therapists who have helped heal me to the point where I can live a relatively normal life – including being able to do extracurricular activities like martial arts, riding a motorcycle and working on cars.

I understand how wrenching a serious injury can be to an athlete, or how agonizing developing a chronic illness can be. I feel a calling to help those in similar situations find healing, and be able to go back to what they love doing.


Thrilled to be Attending Massage School at National Holistic Institute!

I am super thrilled to be attending massage school at National Holistic Institute! I toured through a few different campuses, but was most impressed with National Holistic Institute’s emphasis on a more medical/scientific approach to massage, and the extracurricular coursework including reflexology, trigger point, myofascial, etc.

Basically, NHI was the massage therapy school most well-aligned to what I want to do as a Massage Therapist.

If you are interested in attending NHI, I encourage you to learn as much as you can from current massage therapists, and if you’re passionate about it, go for it!

So far, I loved learning myofascial therapy, energy work and meridians, and can’t wait for the Western Segment of the program!

After Graduating

After graduating, I plan on opening a private practice, providing a combo style of massage therapy that incorporates lymphatic, myofascial, and trigger point therapy. My goal is to help athletes with injuries heal more quickly and continue doing what they love. I will also will be assisting those with chronic illnesses such as Fibromyalgia, or who have serious injuries such as spinal degeneration.

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