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Aug 6, 2021

Business is Still Booming for 2006 NHI San Jose Graduate Edward Cefalu

Edward Cefalu provides a chair massage to the NHL's San Jose Sharks mascot, Sharky.

Edward Cefalu provides a chair massage to San Jose Sharks mascot, Sharky.

Edward Cefalu is a testament to the fact that our mission at National Holistic Institute of, “Helping People Have Work They Love” is REAL. As a graduate of the Core Massage Therapy Training Program from our San Jose campus in 2006, Edward not only has work he loves, he also helps other people have work they love as the owner and operator of Trio Spa AND Trio Wellness Management, LLC.

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Hands Down the Best Massage School in Town

Looking back at what eventually led me to the National Holistic Institute (NHI) and the Massage Industry in general, I can clearly see why the trajectory in my career as a Massage Therapist and the Business Owner of TrioSpa has turned out to be the 2nd Best Decision I have ever made… of course, my wife being the VERY BEST decision!

I graduated at San Diego State University as a Business/Marketing Major, then worked in the Corporate Sector as an Inventory Analyst at Hitachi Data Systems, then as a Business Owner at a Jazz & Blues Night Club, then as a Retail Store Manager, then as an Account Executive at two Advertising Agencies and finally as a Career Admissions Advisor at the Institute of Business & Technology.

What I didn’t entirely realize at first, but have come to see that all of the various positions I held brought together a specific skill set that would eventually lead the way into a business I love and with that, I have so much to attribute to the day I found myself driving down a street, looking up at a billboard that said…”National Holistic Institute…Hands Down the Best Massage School in Town…Helping People Have The Work They Love”

A Business Model That Could Thrive in the Silicon Valley

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks as I was immediately inspired and thoughts came rushing in that in a partnership with my wife, we could put together a business model that could thrive in the Silicon Valley. As a Group 31 Member, NHI effectively prepared me to become a respectable, well-rounded Professional Massage Therapist and Health Educator. Through their structured Western/Eastern Segments with it’s corresponding Massage Modalities and Techniques, I was set to go with the career “lift-off” I needed to develop my vision for what eventually would become TrioSpa – Massage, Facials & Waxing.

Staff at Trio Spa

Staff members at Trio Spa

I have to admit… at first I was intimidated, not entirely yet knowing whether or not this “journey” as an NHI Student would be an encouraging one or a discouraging one. This journey I took surpassed all of my hopes and expectations and I thank the NHI Staff for the experience there. It’s a great feeling knowing that my training at NHI as a Massage Therapist and Health Educator set me off in a direction to help people with their chronic pain and those who are simply looking for a relaxing massage. I also love that I was able to start my own business and live a life that enabled me to integrate my other skills in developing and growing a business I love.

We Work With Apple, San Jose Sharks, Kaiser and Many Others

My wife and I currently work for ourselves at “TrioSpa – Massage, Facials & Waxing” with our Core Private Clients… We also own & operate “Trio Wellness Management, LLC” which handles all working relationships between all Wellness Practitioners and Individual Clients & Corporate Accounts. We work with Apple, San Jose Sharks, Xactly Corp, Kaiser and many others throughout the Bay Area.

Recently in 2020, we extended our operation to also become “Trio Wellness Management, LLC – Event Planning & Scheduling Services” for the Wellness Industry. This operation specifically handles all working relationships between our Wellness Practitioners and Individual Clients & Corporate Accounts. My wife and I still operate “TrioSpa – Massage, Facials & Waxing” independently working with our own Core Private Clients.

“If you are looking into pursuing a Massage Therapy career, trust your instincts if there is a force of energy leading you in this direction. The National Holistic Institute is the PERFECT place to start and what you’re left with is to proceed with an open mind and as I said earlier, allow the encouraging and discouraging experiences flow through you and throughout this process, you’ll know if it feels right. I bet it will!”

Neuromuscular Therapists Get Paid More

I also want to mention that one thing I like about NHI is that they are now offering the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program, which wasn’t available when I graduated in 2006. I have a number of Private Clients who I’ve handed off to several Neuromuscular Therapists working with us now at TrioWellness, for those who needed their specialty training. My Neuromuscular Therapists get paid more because we charge more for that type of session. This has allowed my company to expand in its ability to be of service to so many other people who are in unique service needs. Very Cool!

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