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May 11, 2022

NHI Clovis Graduate Alexis Lujan Took a Chance on Herself to Have Work She Loves

NHI Clovis Graduate Alexis Lujan providing Chair Massage at an event

NHI Clovis Graduate Alexis Lujan providing Chair Massage at an event

Alexis Lujan is a graduate of the Core Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI Clovis. Alexis overcame her struggles with depression and anxiety as well as the complexities of being a young mother in pursuit of having work she loves.

Learn more about Alexis’ story below.

I Knew I Wanted More for My Life and That Required Me to Break the Cycle

Attending the National Holistic Institute was the best decision I have ever made. It wasn’t always easy but it was definitely worth it. I come from a family where education wasn’t prioritized. My Dad did his best to support the family and his priority was always work, so no one was able to give me the educational support that I needed.

Also, I struggle with anxiety and depression and, for me, that too made education a struggle, especially during testing. Furthermore, being a teen mom, I had to focus on care for my children early in life. I have struggled but through it all, I have always had a passion for helping people. I knew that I wanted more for my life and that required me to break the cycle.

I Began to Feel the Confidence That I Needed

Alexis practicing bodywork outdoors, during the pandemic

Alexis practicing bodywork outdoors, during the pandemic

I signed up for NHI in June of 2020 during a global pandemic and to say I was nervous was an understatement. I was unsure of my abilities academically and my anxiety told me I wasn’t going to be great at massage either.

It was because of the support I received from my teachers and mentors that I began to feel the confidence that I needed, not only to complete the program but to find work in the massage field. They made all of the information simple and ensured that we didn’t move forward until I fully understood.

Also, I think the morning stretch and meditation made a huge difference for me. I tend to disassociate when I feel stressed and taking that time to slow down and become in tune and present with what’s going on, then and there, changed the game for me.

Through the curriculum, I started learning how to set boundaries, gained skills and started taking a chance on myself. And, it’s definitely a part of the program I miss.

I had the Security to Make This Enormous Leap of Faith

I was scared that I wouldn’t be successful but my teachers and mentors helped me to overcome my fear. I get super nervous around tests. My mentor always took extra time to ground-in and was reassured that, “this is just another day!”

They would say, “you already know it so there is no need to worry about failure, just have confidence that this is second nature and you know what you’re doing.” I felt like I had a safety net built into the program, and that gave me the security to make this enormous leap of faith.

Not only was the staff pivotal but my classmates made a major difference in my experience. Starting at NHI we get the opportunity to be in class with a group of students who have been through half of the program. One senior in particular was extremely helpful. She was patient and knowledgeable and thorough and she took her education seriously.

I got the Very First Job That I Interviewed for

If I could give one piece of advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in Massage Therapy at NHI it would be to not be afraid to take a chance and a leap of faith for yourself. There is more than enough support. If failure is something that you’re afraid of, NHI staff and mentors do everything possible to ensure that you will not fail. It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made for myself and my future.

Starting out, I had plenty of doubts and worries but now I know that I have the confidence and the skill to have a career in this field. I got the very first job that I interviewed for and that’s all thank to NHI. NHI helped me find work I love!

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