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Dec 22, 2014

A Massage Therapists Guide to Nailing an Interview


Landing your first massage job is a major accomplishment that you’ve been dreaming about since you stepped in the doors at NHI. You’ve spent 108 hours in the supervised student massage clinics getting real life experience, you’ve passed the Kinesiology East test, and now you’re ready to get paid, but before that happens you have to nail your interview. We have compiled a list of tips that will prepare you for the big day, and our Massage Therapy Ambassador, Angela Kingshill, weighs in with some insider interview tips that you definitely don’t want to miss!

Before The Interview

1. Research the company.
2. Update your resume.
3. Dress appropriately and avoid oversized or layered jewelry.
4. Wear natural makeup and keep your hair simple and out of your face.
5. On the way to your interview, listen to your favorite pump up song to boost your energy and confidence. (It sounds silly but it actually works!)
6. Turn off your phone and spit out the gum.
7. Arrive on time (and not too early, 10 minutes is usually best).
8. Be prepared to answer the following questions:

“What does massage mean to you?”

“How has being a massage therapist changed your life?”

“What do you want to get out of this job?”

“What is your personal vision for yourself in the profession?”

“How do you take care of yourself?”

“What is your favorite modality? Why?”

“Why do you want to work here?”

“What do you think is the future of the massage profession?”

“Do you do any volunteer work in massage?”

“What are your plans for continuing education?”

“What is the toughest part of being a massage therapist?”

“What type of clients are you most effective with?”

“What goals have you set for yourself and how are you planning on achieving them?”

9. Prepare a few questions of your own, such as the following:

How do they get clients? What marketing/ advertising will they be doing?

“Will they supply the table, linens, lotions, music, stereo, and other accessories or will you?

“Where will they get referrals from? What people are they networking with?

During The Interview

1. Be nice to everyone in and around the building. You never know who works at the company or who will be interviewing you.
2. Give them a solid, confident handshake.
3. Smile. You want to be approachable and it will ease your nerves.
4. Be polite and energetic.
5. Maintain good posture.
6. Do NOT interrupt the person who is interviewing you.
7. Remember to ask your questions at the end of the interview.
8. Do NOT ask about money during the first interview.
9. At the end of the interview, ask when a decision is going to be made and when it is appropriate for you to follow up.
10. On your way out, be sure to graciously thank them for taking the time to meet with you.

After The Interview

1. The second you walk out of the interview write a hand-written thank you note and pop it in the mail that same day. Yes, as in snail mail. It may seem old-fashioned, but this is an often-overlooked gesture that is greatly appreciated and highly noted by potential employers.
2. Follow up if you haven’t heard back by the date specified during the interview. Do not follow up before that date.
3. Do NOT tweet, Facebook post, or blog about your interview. We all know that the first thing a prospective employer does after an interview is Google the interviewee.

One of our Massage Therapy Ambassadors, Angela Kingshill, who now works independently and at a chiropractic office gives us some of her insider tips on nailing an interview. “When interviewing with a chiropractor impress them with your MFT skills and body holding pattern recognitions.” Here is an example, “I can them that a person may have an issue in their hands and forearms just by the way they hold their hands and arms.” Or.. “When my client is laying supine on my table I can tell if they are having hip, ankle or knee issues by the way their feet rest.”

Now your turn – What do you do to nail an interview? Give us your insider tips!