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Dec 15, 2014

National Holistic Institute’s Massage Therapy Foundation Fundraiser Clinic

You may know that the Massage Therapy Foundation advances the massage therapy profession by supporting scientific research but did you know they also provide Community Service Grants, Student Case Report Contests, and Practitioner Case Report Contests – Pretty cool, right?

Through their Community Service Grants they have been able to provide massage therapy to survivors of torture and trauma, survivors of human trafficking, veterans, and they have helped incorporate massage as a part of rehabilitation for paralyzed patients. 

At NHI, our massage therapy students and instructors are supporting the Massage Therapy Foundation by giving massages in our student clinics and donating all of the proceeds to the Massage Therapy Foundation. Our students and staff are happy to find a way to give back and show our appreciation for everything the Massage Therapy Foundation has done for the massage therapy profession.

The Massage Therapy Foundation is very important to NHI, in fact NHI’s President, Tim Veitzer serves on the Executive Advisory Committee of the foundation. “The Massage Therapy Foundation continues to do such great work that is integral to the advancement of our beloved field of massage therapy. All of us at NHI are thrilled to continue our partnership and once again give back to the foundation through our clinic fundraising events at each of our seven campuses,” said Veitzer.


A big thank you to this group of NHI Students and Instructors who donated massages for the Massage Therapy Foundation

You can contribute to our efforts in supporting the Massage therapy Foundation by getting a massage at one of our student massage clinics on the following dates :

  • December 9th at NHI Sacramento
  • December 11th at NHI San Francisco
  • December 15th at NHI Santa Ana
  • December 18th at NHI San Jose, and Petaluma

You can easily book an appointment to get a massage here!


NHI Student, Torriano meeting with his first client of the day.

The Massage Therapy Foundations commitment to promoting scientific research and evidence-informed practice has helped foster the public acceptance of the benefits of massage therapy.


NHI Faculty Instructor, Melissa Wheeler donating massage to NHI’s V.P of Education, Linda Rikli.

Last year NHI raised approximately $6,000 for the Massage Therapy Foundation! Check out our cool video to learn more about our efforts in supporting the Massage Therapy Foundation.