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Nov 8, 2022

Lisa Farnworth Finds Joy and a Second Family at NHI Redding

NHI Redding Graduate Lisa Farnworth

NHI Redding Graduate Lisa Farnworth

Lisa Farnworth is a recent graduate of the Core Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI Redding.

Going to School at NHI has Been a Gift to Me

I believe I’ve always had a massage therapist living inside me and it is just the right time for it to emerge. Going to school at NHI has been a gift to me. Doing so has allowed me to become who I am supposed to be right now and develop a career that will bring much joy to not only myself but to those who venture to seek out therapeutic touch.

I chose National Holistic Institute to learn massage therapy because it is a top-rated school. As an accredited college of massage therapy, I knew it was a reputable establishment. I was able to seek financial aid assistance.

Also, I was impressed with all of the other services that are offered such as: a mentor, tutors, and labs that can meet every need that a student might have. There are also externships where I was able to demonstrate and practice the massage modalities I learned, in order to acquire real life experience.

The AVK Teaching Method has Proven to be Nothing Short of Miraculous

I would like to thank National Holistic Institute for the amazing opportunity they have given me to learn about massage and spa life over the last eight months. I enrolled at NHI after experiencing the devastating effects of C-PTSD. As a result, I had to realign my life into a less stressful atmosphere and find a new career.

Deciding to go to NHI was one of the easiest decisions I have made, everything seemed to fall into place and the assistance that I was provided by the school in the form of enrollment, financial aid assistance, my mentor, in the very program that I was to learn, made it an enjoyable process.

When I started the program, I was not sure that I would be able to learn the necessary material and be able to apply it. Based on the learning techniques that the school teaches, the AVK teaching method has proven to be nothing short of miraculous.

The school teaches by using auditory, visual and kinesthetic methods. The information, while extensive, flows in a manner that is quite easy to learn and understand.

I would highly recommend this massage program to all that would like to enter the massage world. The staff and mentors are always available to meet your every need and answer your every question so upon graduation you feel like you are well prepared to enter the workforce.

Excited to Provide Purpose to the Next Phase in My Life

I start my career at a local chiropractic/spa and will also be handling outcalls a local assisted living facility. I am very excited to be using my nurturing abilities and to provide purpose to the next phase in my life.

When I encounter an individual and have the opportunity to discuss a future of massage for them, I definitely encourage them to consider NHI.

I have had the most amazing experience with the staff and learning the various modalities and have made some wonderful friends. It is an amazing program that is like a second family!

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