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Nov 2, 2022

16 Years Strong, NHI Emeryville Grad Reggie Reaves Loves His Thriving Private Practice

NHI Emeryville Grad Reggie Reaves at Google in San Francisco

NHI Emeryville Grad Reggie Reaves at Google in San Francisco

Reggie Reaves is absolutely loving life with a thriving private practice in massage and neuromuscular therapy. With 16 years in the massage therapy industry, Reggie enjoys working in a wide variety of settings from cruise ships to skyscrapers for companies like Google and BlackRock.

Learn more about Reggie’s journey by reading his story below.

I Knew NHI is Where I Wanted to be

Deciding to go to National Holistic Institute to learn massage therapy and start my own private practice was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

After checking out several other massage therapy schools, there was no comparison to the energy and enthusiasm I saw and felt in the NHI classroom.

I knew NHI is where I wanted to be to learn about massage therapy. The instructors were so patient with me and provided me with tutors when I had trouble with my kinesiology exam.

I owe NHI everything! I truly believe I made the right choice. I have never been happier creating a life for myself doing massage therapy.

Today, almost 17 years later after graduating and completing the Core Massage Therapy Training and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy programs, I have a thriving private practice.

I Have the Ability to Work When I Want

I have been working with Body Techniques for the past 16+ years and just began with San Francisco Massage Works as well.

I am truly happy to work whenever I want but I mostly travel and see the world and work whenever it fits my schedule as a private contractor.

I have the ability to work when I want or need to. I get to choose the days and times that I want to work or am available and I love that.

I work on a cruise ship for one of my clients once a year, and I do corporate work for Google, who is one of my biggest clients among several other tech companies in the Bay Area.

I owe NHI so Much

I owe NHI so much. Just trust the process and you too can succeed. If you love massage therapy and want to be with like minded people, NHI is the place you.

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