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Feb 29, 2024

Studio City Grad Digna Faviola Camacho Enjoys Working as an Independent Contractor

Digna Faviola Camacho, Core & ANMT Program Graduate from NHI Studio City

Digna Faviola Camacho, Core & ANMT Program Graduate from NHI Studio City


Digna Faviola Camacho is a graduate of NHI’s Core Massage Therapy and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) programs at the Studio City campus. Enjoying 11 years as an independent contractor and counting, Digna has had the opportunity to work all throughout Southern California with her training in massage and neuromuscular therapy.

Get to know Digna and her success as an independent contractor along with her volunteer work with AIDS/LifeCycle®.

Commitment to Student Academics and Career Success

At 30, I needed to find work outside of retail so I followed my instinct. I lucked out; NHI was the first school to come up on my search for massage therapy schools. Then, I visited the campus and learned about their commitment to student academics and career success, their class size, and what standard students were held to.

My impression was that NHI was a school in the business of creating very well educated graduates who go into the workforce and raise the bar of professionalism expected from Massage Therapists. I was right. By the time I was 31, I graduated from NHI’s Core and ANMT programs. I loved every minute.

11 Years as an Independent Contractor

Digna with the 2023 AIDS/LifeCycle® Massage Team

Digna with the 2023 AIDS/LifeCycle® Massage Team

So far, I’ve had a great 11 years as an independent contractor working primarily with chiropractors and mobile massage companies. I’ve worked on clients all over Southern California from Malibu to San Diego and just about everywhere in between, including Catalina Island. I work for myself and volunteer my skills in my community and for AIDS/LifeCycle®.

NHI also provided amazing volunteer opportunities. Becoming an AIDS/LifeCycle® Massage Team Roadie, which I have done for four years, for example. This year (2023) I had the honor of becoming an ALC Massage Team Co-Captain for an amazing group of massage therapists including several NHI grads. Each of them brought their own specialties and varying levels of experience to this week- long journey.

They gave their time and energy to help both cyclists and roadies make it all the way from San Francisco to L.A. in a combined effort to raise money for critical HIV/AIDS services provided by San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

I loved the experience so much that I’ve signed on to be Team Captain again next year.

NHI helped me have work I love. First, through excellent massage training and with guidance in choosing my externship preference. Second, literally through job postings and descriptions of the different styles of work available to a CMT.

And throughout, by teaching me that the same respect and commitment I give is what I should expect from my clients and colleagues.

The ANMT Program led to Better Compensation and Repeat Clientele

Through the ANMT program, I had the education to discuss client conditions with clients as well as with their doctors. Many clients who thought they would never be pain free found relief thanks to my ANMT training. Those same people remained my clients for years and also referred their family and friends to me.

The ANMT program led to better compensation, repeat clientele, and a career that always included a collaborative relationship with Chiropractors. NMT work is slow and deliberate work that requires less physical exertion than other modalities, so I can see more clients without exhausting myself. The most important thing I learned from the ANMT program is to listen to the client; they are the one having the somatic experience and we there to facilitate. The session begins, is steered, and ends with client feedback.

Teaching is a Kind of Learning and You’re There to Learn, so Help Others

My advice for anyone interested in NHI. Show up to class. Make your own colorful flashcards. Learn a skill then volunteer at a related event as often as you can. A marathon, a cycling event, a charity function in a reception hall, a hospice, a teacher appreciation day, and a burn survivor camp will all have such different demands that when you get out and work, very little will catch you off guard.

Remember that teaching is a kind of learning and you’re there to learn, so help others. Practice with those who take bodywork as seriously as you do. They will be your friends and colleagues for years to come.

Join Digna and volunteer with AIDS/LifeCycle®. Meet more of our amazing alumni.

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