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Jan 30, 2024

Meet Mahesh Pathirana, NHI Clovis Grad & World Champion Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong Master

Mahesh Pathirana | NHI Clovis Grad and World Champion Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong Master

Mahesh Pathirana | NHI Clovis Grad and World Champion Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong master

To be recognized as a world champion or master of, anything, is no easy feat. NHI Clovis graduate Mahesh Pathirana is both; world champion Thai Chi and Health Qi Gong master. Learn more about Mahesh and how his journey to the top included a stop at National Holistic Institute in Clovis, CA.

World Champion Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong Master

I’m Mahesh Pathirana, the world champion Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong master. But before I became a champion, I had to learn the art of healing through massage. My journey led me to the National Holistic Institute.

As a Tai Chi and Qi Gong master, I had always believed in the power of balance and harmony in the body. However, I wanted to deepen my understanding of how to heal the body physically. That’s when I decided to enroll at the National Holistic Institute.

A New World, Where Touch had the Power to Mend

My first day at the institute was exciting and nerve-wracking. I was welcomed by a warm and friendly staff. They explained that I would be learning various massage techniques to promote relaxation and healing. It was like stepping into a new world, a world where touch had the power to mend.

Over the course of my education, I immersed myself in learning the fundamentals of massage therapy. I studied anatomy, physiology, and various massage modalities. My instructors were patient and skilled, guided me through the art of touch. They taught me how to use my hands, fingers, and even elbows to apply just the right amount of pressure to ease tension and pain.

Connecting the Dots Between Two Worlds

One of the most profound moments in my education was when I learned about energy flow and how it relates to Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice. It was like connecting the dots between two worlds. I realized that massage wasn’t just about the physical; it was also about the energy within us.

As I progressed, I practiced my massage techniques on fellow students and gradually built my confidence. I began to understand how to listen to the body and respond to its needs. It was a transformative experience that went beyond my expectations.

The Bridge That Connected My Passion

Today, as a world champion Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong master and a skilled massage therapist, I combine the wisdom of both worlds to help people find balance, harmony, and healing in their lives. My journey at the National Holistic Institute was the bridge that connected my passion for Tai Chi and Health Qi Gong with the art of massage, and I’m forever grateful for the knowledge and skills I gained there.

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