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Jul 6, 2011

The Ronald McDonald House Teams Up with School of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is well-known for decreasing stress on the body. Stress can inflict our bodies in many different ways physically and emotionally. Sometimes we are able to easily take away the stress in our lives. It could be as simple as changing jobs, putting on another coat for warmth, or changing your diet. But, what happens when something in life occurs beyond what we can change or control?

The last thing that any parent wants to imagine is what would happen if their child is seriously sick or injured. Thankfully, there are resources and charities to help families during these kinds of situations. Enter, The Ronald McDonald House, a non-profit charity that provides housing and meals for families who are travelling in need of healthcare for seriously ill and injured children.

We have a brave group of students from our Sacramento Campus who travel to do on-site massage at the local Ronald McDonald House as a part of their externship hours. They are providing massage for stress relief to families who, most likely, are in the most stressful situation in their life.

“Providing massage for these families and individuals not only helps me grow as a professional massage therapist, but also as a person,” says one student. “I cannot imagine going through what they have to, but helping them relax for even one minute gives them that extra boost in helping them to keep going.”

In this world situations arise that deplete our energy. Massage Therapy can play an important roll of returning us to a state of peace.

Being a massage therapist is certainly a practice of nobility. There are people all around us that are in desperate need of assistance towards relieving the stress in their bodies. By allowing ourselves to show compassion through nurturing massage, we can assist to break the cycle of pain not only of the physical, but of the emotional as well.