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Aug 26, 2011

Reggie Wright | National Holistic Institute Graduate Finds Success in Following Multiple Passions

I have two passions that I earnestly pursue, and they universally transcend common barriers. They are massage therapy and music. I became interested in massage therapy during my tenure in the restaurant industry via waiting tables.  A simple shoulder rub and the compliments that ensued soon piqued my curiosity about where massage could take me. It is always a gratifying experience to bring relief to someone in need.  I however placed massage on the back-burner for quite a while to pursue music; particularly singing.

After a decade or so without truly rewarding jobs or the connections I needed in the career in music, I returned to massage in order to at pursue an occupation that I enjoyed. NHI was the answer for me in more ways than one. Not only did I garner the skills and education needed to legitimize this vocation, my current position practicing massage therapy has now enabled me to open my own doors regarding music. I never doubted that I would sing, but I did not think that massage would accelerate my musical aspirations.

Being an independent contractor allows me to select positions that not only suit my skill set but also my scheduling needs around music. I have the option of both self employment and / or traditional work structure, allowing me to focus my time and energy on multiple passions.  I will be performing in the downtown Oakland area on Sunday August 28th in my 1st recorded concert. If you would like to see the show, follow the link below. Friday the 26th is the last day you may purchase the tickets online.

May your pursuit of massage therapy bring you as much joy as it has brought to me.
-Reggie Wright
NHI Graduate, 2011