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Mar 7, 2012

Research and Massage Therapy: A Winning Combination

The following articles are a true testament to what research means to the massage profession. 10 years ago, much of what I learned in school has changed and it is all due to research; mainly the work done by the Massage Therapy Foundation and its members. NHI‘s own Melissa Wheeler and Beth McNeill have volunteered their time working with the MTF. This work helped to shape our current Research and Development classes that give students the tools to educate themselves and find the answers they need to work with clients in any type of situation.

Read the New York Times and Los Angeles Times articles to learn about the latest scientific research into the physical effects of massage on muscles post-exercise:

NY Times Massage Article

LA Times Massage Article

The information in these articles also gives credence to our work. It shows that what we do has positive physical effects. When therapists use techniques they learn in NHI’s sports massage series, myofascial therapy series, or deep tissue series it is important to be able to explain and bring up evidence of how what we do works.  Massage therapy has grown to be an increasingly integral field in alternative medicine, with more and more people realizing the medical benefits of massage on top of its perk of relaxation.

For more information on research based massage and the Massage Therapy Foundation, visit their freshly redesigned website at

~John Lambert,
NHI Instructor