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May 24, 2016

Learn about Shiatsu Massage and What you can expect at an ‘Introduction to Shiatsu’ Event at NHI

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The Background of Shiatsu: 

Shiatsu is an important style of therapeutic massage. Shiatsu comes from Japan, and although it is a fairly new modality, it has its roots in the millennia-old traditions of Chinese Medicine. A good clue to understanding shiatsu is the name itself, which combines the characters for “finger” and pressure”. A simple way to think about it is to consider it a form of acupressure massage that targets the sore points on the body where energy gets stuck and tension accumulates. National Holistic Institute teaches a particular style, called “Zen Shiatsu”, which emphasizes a relaxed state of mind for both the practitioner and the client.

What Shiatsu Massage Looks Like: 

Shiatsu is a great way for a beginner to experience giving or receiving therapeutic massage. Unlike Swedish massage, a shiatsu client keeps their clothes on. It is typically performed on a mat on the floor, allowing a shiatsu practitioner to do massage without the need for special equipment like a massage table. This makes shiatsu an extremely flexible style of massage that can be done almost anywhere, on almost anyone!

Shiatsu Massage Techniques: 

Shiatsu techniques are many and varied. They include softening techniques to relieve muscle stiffness, point-work to stimulate the flow of energy along the meridians, and stretches and joint mobility techniques to help the body move freely. When done correctly, it feels great and is both relaxing as well as invigorating… and not just for the client. Performed with attention and focus, Shiatsu tends to relax, enliven, and uplift both the client as well as the massage therapist!

What You can Expect at an Introduction to Shiatsu Event at NHI: 

At National Holistic Institute, we often use shiatsu to introduce people to the power of touch and the dynamic energy of the NHI classroom. At an “Introduction to Shiatsu” event, you will experience an overview of concepts from Eastern massage modalities, such as the idea of meridians, or pathways of life energy throughout the body. You will get to practice simple ways to center and focus your attention, and learn some basic anatomy so you know what you are working on. Best of all, you will get to give as well as receive shiatsu massage under the guidance of experienced instructors!

If you have an interest in massage therapy, then an “Introduction to Shiatsu” is not to be missed. You’ll learn some simple concepts and techniques that you can practice on friends and family. You’ll also get a chance to experience the NHI classroom environment and meet members of our teaching staff. It’s a great way to feel for yourself whether an education and career in massage therapy is right for you.

By: William Mathis, NHI Instructor