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Sep 6, 2017

NHI Instructors, Cynthia Ribeiro and Kirsten Staley Featured as Guest Speakers on Massage Therapy Podcast, ‘How’s The Pressure?’

Cynthia Ribeiro, NHI’S Advanced NeuroMuscular Therapy (ANMT) Manager & Instructor and this year’s AMTA Teacher of the Year and Kirsten Staley, NHI’s Assistant ANMT Program Manager were invited to share their expertise and insights on how to succeed in the exciting field of massage therapy, on ‘How’s The Pressure?’ podcast, hosted by Haley Winter.

‘How’s The Pressure?’ podcast is created for massage therapists and allows listeners to go behind the scenes into the world of massage therapy. With exclusive interviews with successful practitioners, teachers, and business owners, this podcast delivers insightful information on topics including business strategy, challenging clients, self-care, and everything in between.

The first episode, slated to be out this week, features Cynthia Ribeiro diving into the subject of base income for massage therapists. The next episode, scheduled to be released next month, features Kirsten Staley, discussing the important distinction between referral vs. collaboration. Kirsten shares why collaboration with healthcare providers and massage therapists is so important for the most effective treatment plan for clients.

Tune in and subscribe to ‘How’s The Pressure?’ podcast to hear from NHI’s own experts and to participate in the continued expansion and integration occurring in today’s world of massage therapy.