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Oct 24, 2017

Meet the Staff – Rachel Brown – SF Campus Student Life & Career Coordinator (SLCC)

What makes NHI so great is the people that shape and form our tight knit organization. We had the opportunity to chat wth Rachel Brown, a star Campus Student Life & Career Coordinator (SLCC) out of our San Francisco campus. Here is what she had to say about life and helping people find work they truly love.

Across the Tenaya Valley from Half Dome in Yosemite, Rachel (on the FAR RIGHT) is standing amongst friends on a 3-day wilderness yoga trip.

Q1: Where were you before NHI?

As a native Californian, even though I have lived in Washington and Hawaii, I can now say that I have lived here for most of my life. The last 8 years have been in the Bay Area, and all of those until I came to NHI have been working full time as a massage therapist in San Francisco. I moved here and started working at Nob Hill Spa where I enjoyed the beautiful view and working on the rich and famous ;)

Q2: Why did you choose NHI?

One of my fellow therapists was a teacher here at NHI in San Francisco. Ever since she mentioned working here, I would keep hearing a little voice that said to check out what NHI was all about. I love learning and education, event planning and community organizing, so when I saw the listing for the SLCC role, I thought this would be a perfect job for me.

Q3: How do you plan to contribute to our mission of Helping People Have Work They Love!

I love helping people accomplish their goals and dreams! Going to massage school when I was 28 changed my life forever. I am committed to supporting others to be their best, getting clearer about what that looks like, and seeing the steps it takes to get there.

Working with an awesome team of people helps to make my work life fulfilling and sustainable. I am always looking for ways we can better support each other through improving my communication and relating skills. They say people with high emotional intelligence are the ones who are the most successful in life, and that we have the capacity to grow that intelligence indefinitely. I am here for that!

Q4: What is the most rewarding part of your role as a Student Life and Career Coordinator on the San Francisco Campus?

The most rewarding part of my role is seeing students overcome challenges and gain more confidence in themselves. Watching someone transform because they have hope and excitement about their future, helps me feel like I am making a positive difference in the world.

Q5: When you have a day to yourself for leisure, what is your favorite activity to do?

I love spending time in nature. Makes me miss my screen house in Hawaii just thinking about this.

My favorite thing is hiking and stopping for a lovely picnic with friends on a majestic mountain side while looking out to sea. In a capsule, Nature, Friends, Food, and Fun.

Q6: What is your most important form or “Self-Care” practices?

SLEEP!  As I get older, this becomes more and more important. So many factors contribute to a good night’s sleep. When I am at my best I am following best practices for sleep, which include getting off my phone and computer at night and taking time to wind down before it gets too late. So hard to do!

Q7: What is your favorite style of massage to receive?

I love all kinds of massage. It mostly depends on the practitioner. I like therapists who are present and intuitive, who love what they do and it shows.


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