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Jun 17, 2019

NHI Celebrates All Staff Days 2019

It doesn’t take long to realize you’ve stepped into a different world when you enter the hallways of National Holistic Institute.  From the quotes on the wall to class sitting in a circle on the floor, our #NHILife is full of fun, traditions and true love for sharing the world of massage therapy.


Teaching the whoosh to the next generation of massage therapists.


And, nothing exemplifies the spirit of NHI quite like All Staff Day.  It is a time in which all staff members join together to share, explore and recharge.  We have an opportunity to celebrate the joys and successes of the past year and to join together in an emotional release (or two).


Candid shot between emotional releases with left to right Ashley, Heather, and Karl.


We gather to encourage teachers both new and seasoned all while observing the gravitas of education.  It’s a time to connect or reconnect with those who are carrying on the 40-year tradition of massage education and a time to forge a new fire to carry students and coworkers into the next year.


Jim O’Hara reminisces about classrooms East and West and his 28 years at NHI.


Yes, and we celebrate.  We commemorate the passage of time whether in 5 or 40-year increments.  As we usher in new members of the team we become more than the sum of our parts.  We become friends.  We share support and the occasional glass of champagne.


Right: John and Christine, Middle: Cap’n Mason, Left: An Emeryville assortment.


Teaching requires a special set of skills.  Our students thrive in a positive, supportive educational environment.  Knowing this, we synergize and use unconventional materials to build a support system for our students and each other.  And, along the way, we have the opportunity to learn valuable lessons about physics like the necessity of tape.


Team Jellyfish building their nest.


And then, we are tested.  We are given the opportunity to see if all the planning, cooperation, and support systems function under stress.  As in life, sometimes the rules are straight forward and sometimes they change mid-game. Will our adaptive and innovative nature prove successful?



Jen and Gabe exhibiting eggcellent teamwork.


Finally, we have the opportunity to bask in the appreciation of the things that we have.  We enjoy structures built through stalwart and sturdy hands of teachers, administrators, staff and often our friends.  This perspective fosters a sense of awe for the preciousness of our experience.  Being aware of our vulnerabilities keeps us vigilant to protect these rare and beautiful relationships until we meet again at the next All Staff Day.



Article by Samantha Manning. Photos by John Gorman.