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Nov 11, 2019

NHI Celebrates Military Veterans in Massage Therapy

Happy Veteran’s Day!

Welcoming Military Veteran students to NHI is essential in helping us to better understand how Massage Therapists can support Veteran clients. It is a privilege to have Military Veterans as students, staff, and alumni in the NHI family across all of our 10 Campuses.

Juliane and classmates at Massage Therapy for US Veterans CEU Class in 2019.

This past Spring, NHI Instructor, and US Navy Veteran, Juliane Carrillo, traveled across the country to Syracuse, NY to participate in a Veteran-specific nationally recognized CEU Class.

NHI encourages its instructors to pursue CEUs that spark their interest, so that they may show students the endless opportunities that await them in the field of Massage Therapy.

Alongside 18 fellow Veteran massage therapists from across the nation, Juliane took part in a unique program pioneered by Nicole Miller, LMT. This immersive learning experience at the VSO (Veteran Service Organization) provided participants an inside look into veteran culture. Veteran massage therapists were taught the skills on how to best ‘serve their own’.

Topics covered in the 40 hours CE class, Massage Therapy for U.S. Veterans are Therapeutic Considerations and Adaptations to Invisible Service Wounds and Therapeutic Massage Clinical Guidelines and Professional Practices. Upon completion, NCBTMB offers an examination to earn a ‘Specialty Certificate in Military Veterans Massage’.

Juliane shared how her time at the certificate class impacted her life.

“I am a Veteran of the US Navy and have been a massage therapist for 18 years now. The language, the culture, and connection of the military experience is exactly what made this experience SO powerful. We spoke the same language even though our trauma stories differed from each other,” said Juliane. “I have learned that we as Veterans compartmentalize our feelings and experiences based on levels of severity. This program will save lives. I have no doubt. The value of this program is priceless and I am ever so grateful for the opportunity to take this class. Simply serving my country was honor enough and now I feel even more honored to be part of a bigger picture of healing for other Veterans and their families alike.”

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