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Nov 25, 2020

Staff Spotlight | Brenda Gonzalez | NHI Santa Ana Instructor & Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program Graduate

Brenda (right), with a group of NHI Santa Ana Graduates

This Staff Spotlight is focused on Brenda Gonzalez, NHI Santa Ana Instructor and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program Graduate. Read Brenda’s testimony about her journey to becoming an ANMT graduate and NHI instructor below.

I always knew I didn’t want an “office” job, I wanted to interact with people, and constant movement was something I enjoyed. Massage therapy covered all of these desires and furthering my knowledge was the key to helping my clients.

Coming to NHI was a long fought battle of mine. After 4 years of working as a massage therapist, I had grown frustrated with my lack of ability to truly help my clients on their road to recovery. I had been dragged down by the wave of massage therapy and my limited tools to massage. I had a coworker at the spa I worked at that had a knack for finding his clients’ source of pain. After a year, I finally asked him what school he had gone to and what programs they offered. He told me before about the ANMT Program at NHI but this time I was ready to check it out for myself.

I walked into NHI and signed up the same day. It was the best decision I could have made. NHI’s ANMT Program gave me the tools I needed to understand and approach client care from a collaborative perspective. The ANMT approach to massage allowed me to pinpoint specific causes of pain and educate my clients. I realized I wanted to share my new found love for knowledge and care with others. I graduated the ANMT program reinvigorated to help people through massage therapy with a deeper understanding of pain and pain management.

The ANMT Program saved my massage career and ignited my passion for teaching.

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