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May 25, 2021

NHI Changed San Jose Core & ANMT Program Graduate Alyssa Osborn’s Life in The Best Possible Ways

Alyssa Osborn, Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, Health Educator and Graduate of NHI San Jose’s Core Massage Therapy Training & Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program

We often hear graduates from our Core Massage Therapy Training Program and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program say that they find it difficult to express how much NHI means to them, or how NHI played a huge part in changing their life. Alyssa Osborn, a graduate of NHI San Jose’s Core and ANMT Programs said it as well, but then she went on to beautifully express how NHI has changed her life in all the best ways possible.

Words cannot express how my time at NHI has changed my life.

When I was looking for massage schools in the area, National Holistic Institute was one of the first to show up. Everything looked so professional and was easy to understand. After inquiring for more information, an Admissions Representative reached out to me. I came in for a sampler class and signed up right after!

The Core Massage Therapy Training Program

The first year in the Core Massage Therapy Training Program taught me more about myself in those 800 hours than I have ever known in my many years on this earth. I have always been a giver but I realized I was giving too much of myself to others. Learning to truly put myself first has helped me create healthy boundaries in my personal and professional life. Realizing how important self care really is and how it can have such a major impact on my life taught me to care about myself when I have been putting so many others before me first. Saying, “No” is 10000% OKAY!!

Once I hit 500 hours in the Core Program, I applied for my state certification and instantly started working at the end of August 2020. Starting my career in the middle of a pandemic and switching to online classes 6 months through was very challenging but I did it and I kind of can’t believe it! After graduating the Core program in October 2020, I started the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program. Intimidated by all of the knowledge being thrown at me and attempting to cram four-hour lectures into my brain Monday through Friday was terrifying. I have never been book smart and school wasn’t really my thing. Once I joined the Advanced Neuromuscular Massage Therapy Program, my love and appreciation for the work we do blossomed. Seeing the results that I can help make in my clients overall well being is what I love most about the work that NHI has prepared me to do. Even the smallest things mean the world to others.

I am thankful to have been working before and during the ANMT program which has helped mold me into the therapist I am today. Before I even knew anything about the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program I signed up in the start because I wanted to work with professional athletes. The ANMT program made me fall in love with the medical massage industry. Working with people who have been living with these traumas and seeing the difference we can make in them makes me want to keep growing and learning as much as I can. I want to help prove to the world that medical massage is essential and needs to be recognized for the wonderful holistic treatment that it truly is.

The Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program

The Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program helped me better manage my clients issue areas in so many ways. The amount of time we have spent learning how to properly assess a client’s postures and ranges of motion helped me pinpoint what could actually be going on in their bodies. By doing this, it helps me figure out what muscles need to be addressed first. Then I do a thorough reassessment to plan what should be addressed in future sessions. Along with learning how and when to use all of these tools we have to help our clients’ individual needs, we also learned how to recognize if we need to refer a client out to another type of practitioner before seeing them ourselves.

If you’re interested in going to NHI or pursuing a career in massage therapy, do it ! Don’t only join for the Core Massage Therapy Training Program, take the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program and help define what Massage Therapy truly is. I went from working 60-80 hours a week in restaurants and customer service based jobs that were draining me and not allowing me to have a life. Being a Certified Neuromuscular Massage Therapist or just a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) in general allows me to work half that amount of hours a week or less and still make a living. I am more in-tuned with my own body and self care. I finally see a bright future for myself and am looking forward to this journey that has only just begun. Attending the National Holistic Institute has helped change my life in all the best ways possible.

The body works together as a whole. The amount of information that I have learned from this program made me look at a body in a different way than I did before the program. Understanding how much of an effect each thing has on the body like pieces of a puzzle coming together into a whole. If one puzzle piece is missing then the whole puzzle will be off. Learning how to explain to my clients what may be going on in their bodies and how to get them to start understanding makes results so much easier to achieve.

I can’t even look at the body the same way after learning the massive amounts of information in just this short time. I can’t thank my teachers and mentors and classmates and coworkers enough. The people I am now proud to call colleagues have helped me more than I think they’ll ever know during my time at NHI. After 6 long months of hard work, lots of reading, and never giving up I am finally able to carry my title as a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist, doing work that I truly love.

Helping Alyssa Have Work She LOVES!

National Holistic Institute has helped me have work I love in so many different ways.

The Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program allowed me to expand my career by showing off all of this wonderful knowledge. By educating my clients properly and using the work I’ve learned from this program, my clients rebook with me often and tell others about their experiences with me. I remember one of my first insurance clients I saw for about 6 months telling me that his doctor was asking who his massage therapist was, as he was shocked by the results from the work. I am finally confident in not only myself but the work that I do.

I am currently working at Vital Body Therapy in Santa Cruz. What I love most about my career is educating and helping my clients’ overall well being. Helping my clients realize that their trauma and past injuries do not have to control their lives is something I thrive to do. With the advanced knowledge that the Neuromuscular Program taught me, I am able to work with clients on a deeper level, much more than just a deep tissue therapeutic massage. Addressing the body as a whole and helping to educate my clients on the reasoning behind things really makes them take their homework seriously which in the long run helps them with their own self-care journey. One of my favorite quotes by Maryam Hasnaa is “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you while you awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.”

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