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Jul 22, 2021

NHI Emeryville Alumni Kimberly McMaster and Veronica Samora Open Blue Water Day Spa

Kimberly McMaster (left) and Veronica Samora, NHI Alumni, Business Partners and Owners of Blue Water Day Spas

Kimberly McMaster (left) and Veronica Samora, NHI Alumni, Business Partners and Owners of Blue Water Day Spa

National Holistic Institute has been “Helping People Have Work They Love” since 1979. We boast thousands of alumni in our four decades (and counting) of existence and are thrilled to share this story of two particular graduates who not only have work they love, but are partners with us in helping other NHI graduates have work they love as well.

Kimberly McMaster graduated from NHI Emeryville in 2002. Her business partner, Veronica Samora completed her studies at NHI in 1999. Together, they own Blue Water Day Spa with locations in downtown Napa, CA and South Lake Tahoe, CA.

Kimberly gives us a glimpse into her story and the origins of Blue Water Day Spa below.

Working at High End Resorts, Medical Clinics, with Professional Sports Teams and Grammy Winning Artists

I graduated from NHI in 2002, after a brief career in the wine industry. As a child, I had experienced an injury that caused nerve damage to my left leg, and while attempting to navigate my medical care, I found massage and acupuncture. Realizing that studying Acupuncture was interesting, I went to the NHI – Emeryville Campus and began my career as a Massage Therapist.

Since that time I have worked at high end resorts in Napa Valley, Carmel and Palm Springs. I’ve also worked in Massage Clinics in San Francisco, and Tampa as well as worked with Professional Sports Teams, Medical Clinics and toured with Grammy winning recording artists.

Honoring Massage Therapists and The Massage Profession

Blue Water Day Spa, Napa, CA

Blue Water Day Spa, Napa, CA

After my house burned down in 2010, I decided that I wanted to start something that honors the massage profession and all the amazing people within the industry. Along with my business partner, we started Blue Water Day Spa, opening in 2011. We began our process with a four room boutique space in Downtown Napa. We hired mostly NHI Graduates, and our business took off.

In 2017 we opened Blue Water Day Spa, South Lake Tahoe, with 6 treatment rooms (Skincare & Massage), then in 2018 we moved to a larger space in Downtown Napa.

In 2019 we had 29 employees, offered Skin care services with Farmhouse Fresh and PCA product lines, offered several different massage modalities, wraps and hot stone massage, but remained in the foundation that great massage comes from therapists who love what they do. Therapists that are honored in the modalities that they prefer to practice and provide the education to support that.

We know that when our employees are supported, and happy, our clients will be too.

“The foundation that NHI provides is pivotal in a career as a Massage Therapist.”

In my opinion, by-far the most useful portion of the training at NHI is the time spent on meditation within the Eastern segment. That alone establishes the need to set boundaries that will quite literally save your career.

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