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Dec 2, 2021

NHI Ontario’s Celiana Vargas has an Edge Over Other Athletic Trainers via Neuromuscular Therapy

Celiana Vargas, Core & ANMT Program Graduate from NHI Ontario

Celiana Vargas, Core & ANMT Program Graduate from NHI Ontario

Celiana Vargas is living proof that the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program is not only beneficial for Massage Therapists, but for many other professions in the healthcare industry. Already an Athletic Trainer, Celiana went on to complete both the Core Massage Therapy Training Program and ANMT Program at NHI Ontario. In doing so, Celiana’s career opportunities expanded, giving her an edge over fellow Athletic Trainers who lacked the enhanced skills in manual therapy.

Continue reading to find out what led to Celiana’s decision to pursue further education in massage and neuromuscular therapy.

My Athletes were Getting Better, but not All of Them

My story begins as an athletic trainer. I had been working as an athletic trainer for 4 years. I noticed that whenever I treated my athletes with manual therapies they got better faster than if I stuck to modalities and therapeutic exercise.

My athletes were getting better, but not all of them. There were some who would get better temporarily but their muscular aches & pains would come back within a month or by the next season.

I Knew There was Something Missing

I knew there was something missing and that there was more I could do for my athletes with regards to manual therapies so I decided to go back to school for massage. As athletic trainers, part of our curriculum covers massage but I soon came to realize that it was just the basics. I expanded my knowledge with regards to massage techniques in the Core Program at NHI.

I chose NHI because, in doing my research, I found that it was rated as the best school for massage therapists. Upon my completion I felt there was still more I needed to learn in order to take my newly acquired skills from basic spa massages to therapeutic massage in the healthcare industry.

I chose to take the ANMT Program because what I learned in Core Program wasn’t enough for what I wanted to do. I wasn’t satisfied with the basics because in my career, I needed to know more than the massage techniques. I needed to know how to treat injuries and dysfunctions and the ANMT Program taught me just that.

The ANMT Program was Exactly What I was Looking for

I learned to differentiate between minor injuries and dysfunctions. This is important because trigger points can mimic pathologies. Gaininn this knowledge allowed me to treat my athletes more efficiently so that they could get better without their symptoms returning. I am so glad I completed the ANMT Program with NHI because it turned out to be exactly what I was looking for.

“My advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in neuromuscular therapy is to learn the anatomy. This goes for any health career. The human anatomy is the most complicated to learn, but it is the foundation for all health careers. Once you master the human anatomy, everything else you learn in health care will be easy.”

I highly recommend massage therapists to enroll in the ANMT Program if they plan to work in any health clinic besides a spa. The reason being that you will learn how to effectively communicate with other health care providers with the medical terminology you will learn, you will be more knowledgeable about the injuries or dysfunctions your patients are going through, and thus provide the care they need.

NHI Helped Me Fill in the Blanks of What I Didn’t Know

The ANMT Program thoroughly covers the human anatomy in a way that makes the therapist stand out from other health care providers, adding value to their profession. I am a better clinician because of what I learned through the ANMT Program.

NHI helped me fill in the blanks of what I didn’t know with regards to manual therapies. This allows me to treat my athletes more efficiently and get them out on the playing field a lot faster. I work at a high school and I love that I get to work with a lot of different athletes. The ANMT has definitely opened more doors for me. It gives me an edge over other athletic trainers when applying for jobs. Having dual credentials allows me to create my own job opportunities.

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