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Feb 3, 2022

Core Program Graduate Thais Diehl has a Deep Love and Respect for Her Time at NHI Emeryville

Thais Diehl (second to the right) with some of her fellow classmates at NHI Emeryville

Thais Diehl (second to the right) with some of her fellow classmates at NHI Emeryville

Thais Diehl is a graduate of our Core Massage Therapy Program at NHI Emeryville. While a majority of NHI students enroll without any previous education or experience in massage therapy, Thais came with both, along with a desire to return to a career where her, “spirit would be happy and at ease.”

Keep reading to learn more about Thais’ return to a career she loves as a Massage Therapist.

Massage is Something I’ve Always Loved

I write this story out of a deep love and respect for the education I received at National Holistic Institute.

Massage is something I’ve always loved. My earliest memory was my mother rubbing my back. As I got older, it was me rubbing my mother’s shoulders, my kindergarten teacher’s shoulders, family, friends…I was that person.

After High School I knew exactly what I wanted to do; go to massage school, study music and dance, and so I did (in 1996). I worked for many years as a massage therapist. Fast forward, I decided to try on some different experiences and moved away from massage.

It was early in the pandemic that I realized I wasn’t happy with where things were at in my life and that I needed to change. I decided that moving back into a career of massage was where my spirit would be happy and at ease. This wasn’t the first time I considered going back to massage school, but it was the first time I could actually make it happen.

My Experience Went Above and Beyond Anything I Could Have Expected

NHI Graduate Thais Diehl practicing bodywork in the classroom

NHI Graduate Thais Diehl practicing bodywork in the classroom

I decided to attend NHI, mainly because they were running mostly online classes and I could get the federal financial aid through FAFSA to make it happen. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to expect from learning a hands on modality without a hands on experience, and I was skeptical because I LOVED my first massage school. I can tell you without the shadow of a doubt and with a full heart, that it was the BEST choice I could have made, and my experience went above and beyond anything I could have expected.

I’m 6 months out of the core program, am working 4 days a week at a local Chiropractic office “Onsight Chiropractic”, and have a small, but growing private practice. I love that I get to connect with bodies that serve our mind and spirit day in and day out. I am honored to offer a safe space where bodies, hearts and minds can experience some relief and revitalization.

I love that I can keep learning the many modalities, or refining those I draw upon most to be able to get more nuanced, wise and effective in the work I do. I honor these bodies that serve and serve. There is nothing like alive, nurturing, ethical, wise, energized and therapeutic touch. It is a womb-like space that nothing else can replace. Human Touch!

The Passion the Teachers Expressed was Palpable

My education at NHI really upped my game as a CMT. The anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, the passion and nuanced touch that those masterful teachers shared, the respect, spirit, care and presence, it is all with me, and I am so much better at what I do now because of my entire NHI experience.

“If you’re thinking of coming to NHI, go for it! If it is in your heart, if you feel the passion, go for it. Be ready to put in the work, stay patient with yourself and stay patient with others. As with everything else in life, just keep going, take it one step at a time, ask questions, PRACTICE and most importantly RECEIVE MASSAGE! There’s nothing like learning from experience. The only way to be able to give is if you keep your reservoir full. Self care is critical. We must know how to care for ourselves so that we can support and guide others in caring for themselves as well.”

NHI was there for me from the get-go. First because of the convenience it offered, then because of the open arms of the staff, the support and care that was consistently offered. The expertise offered by my Mentor (Frankie, you’re the BEST!) and teachers, their unending efforts to make sure that each student was held as they needed to be to absorb the content. The passion the teachers expressed was palpable, is with me today, and will surely stay with me throughout my career and evolving experience of being a hands on practitioner. I am and will continue to be full of gratitude.

I Look Forward to Going to Work Everyday

I truly have a career I love. I get finished from my shifts feeling a deep sense of gratitude for my education and for my work, as well as a passion to keep learning and refining my skills. I look forward to going to work everyday!

I should also add, that AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) offers scholarships throughout the year. After many attempts I actually won one for which I am utterly blown away and so deeply grateful. So that’s there too. If it would help, just pour out your heart, try and try again and it is absolutely possible that you could receive one as well.

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