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Apr 14, 2022

NHI Studio City Grad Monica Mey Discovered the Value of Recovery from Massage Therapy

Monica Mey | Core Program Graduate of NHI Studio City | Providing Sports Massage at the LA Marathon

Monica Mey | Core Program Graduate of NHI Studio City | Providing Sports Massage at the LA Marathon

Monica Mey is a recent graduate of our Core Massage Therapy Training Program from NHI Studio City. As a single parent of 2 children, Monica’s motivation to succeed as a Massage Therapist was fueled by her gifts of empathy and nurturing touch as a mother.

Learn more about Monica as she shares her story below.

I had to Work My way from a Single Person to a Single Parent

I am a single parent of two beautiful children. For the last 14 years, I have had to make sacrifices of personal life, had to become the head of the household, and had to work my way from a single person to a single parent. I was becoming an adult and taking responsibility for my actions of looking for love in the wrong places. I had to grow up fast and put my education and the building of real friendships on hold. I didn’t have much of an option, but what motivated me every day on why I never gave up was because I knew deep down I am gifted with the empathy and nurturing of a mother and the motives of a life coach.

A Provider of Many Services

When we are single parents, we, in hindsight, also take on the role of a provider of many services. Some days we’re a nurse and chauffeur. Other days we’re fathers and best friends. Often yet, we’re mentors or coaches, and we have had to learn how to heal with a listening ear. Or allow the space to express unorthodox ways of thinking and be open to what expression of emotions may arise because of that vulnerability. On many days, on top of those days, we are physical therapists helping to mend what was once displaced or broken.

NHI Helped Me Discover the Value of Recovery from Touch Therapy

NHI has helped me discover the value of recovery from touch therapy, whether emotional recovery or physical awareness. In understanding that through constant contact, we can help those release physical pain/discomfort conducted with their emotional or energetic state of consciousness can change the way, we operate from a week to week basis.

Touch therapy helps those who value the breakdown of muscle memory and emotional baggage hidden deep within scar tissues. NHI has allowed me to see the two perspectives and how it combines to help the mechanical nature of the human body and brain.

I Want to Help People Rebuild Their Lives

I want to help people build or rebuild their consciousness. I want to help people get to the root of their baggage physically or emotionally or, most importantly, energetically.

“Do what you love because you know firsthand the benefits of it.”

I want to create plans to help those going through a traumatic life experience or help them work through an abrupt change like the loss of a family member they didn’t see coming or a divorce or separation that’s just taken a toll on them. I want to help people rebuild their lives back up again to be able to stand on their own two feet and help them to rebuild themselves in confronting the displaced physical warfare of life or the imbalance of energetic vibrations through the lack of awareness or fear-setting behaviors that come with the experience of change.

Finding work you love is living through your story and helping those who can benefit from the services that have helped you, or the knowledge you have acquired and implemented into, or on yourself. Do what you love because you know firsthand the benefits of it.

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