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Jul 27, 2022

NHI San Jose Grad Laura Foulk Went From Stressful Jobs to a Successful Career in Massage and Neuromuscular Therapy

Laura Foulk, NHI San Jose Core and ANMT Program Graduate

Laura Foulk, NHI San Jose Core and ANMT Program Graduate

The average American works 100,000 hours in their lifetime. No matter what you do for a living, minimizing stress and achieving success are two primary pursuits.

Laura Foulk is a graduate of NHI San Jose’s Core Massage Therapy Training Program as well as the ANMT (Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy) Program. Continue reading to learn about Laura’s journey from stressful jobs to a successful career in massage and neuromuscular therapy.

My Journey to Massage is Quite the Story

I have been a CMT since September 2018 and graduated from the ANMT Program in April 2019. My journey to massage is quite the story. I became a divorced/single mother to my six kids in May 2005.

I attended a vocational school for Medical Office Administration so I could work in an industry that would enable me to develop a successful career and to support my family. I worked for 8 1/2 years in a hospital environment working my way up to a management position in the Admitting/Revenue Cycle department. The stress from that career took a toll on my mental and emotional health so I left that career and went into HR (human resources) and worked as a Sr. HR Administrator for two years.

This career also led to some major stress related health issues. My doctor put me on LOA (leave of absence) for 12 weeks as a mental health leave. During that time I did some major evaluating of my careers and what I could do for work that would bring me true happiness and to have work that I love.

I Knew as Soon as I Walked in that NHI was Where I was Supposed to be

In December of 2017 my best friend of almost 30 years passed away and that was a huge loss in my life. It was after her passing that I started seeing ads for NHI on my Facebook feed. I had never considered a career in massage prior to this, even though I had always done massage for my family growing up and also for my kids during their sports playing years.

I clicked the “learn more” button and the very next day I received an email to schedule a tour. I knew as soon as I walked in, met and talked with two of the instructors and asked some questions that it was where I was supposed to be.

I was supposed to return to my high stress corporate HR job on January 2, 2018 and I physically could not do it. I submitted my resignation the morning of January 2, 2018 and toured NHI on January 4, 2018. My first day of class was on January 29, 2018 and I suppose you can say that the rest is history. I completed the 8-month Core Program and went straight into the ANMT Program the very next day!

My Clients are Amazed with their Immediate Improvement

NHI provided me with such an amazing education about massage. The mentors and additional instructors played such a huge role in helping me cultivate my passion for massage. They had such a major impact in my life in so many ways!

I chose to take the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program because I found that I had such a love and passion for massage that I wanted and needed to know more! I started the ANMT program the very next day after finishing the Core Program. I knew I didn’t want to take a break! I had to keep going! I have to say that the ANMT program challenged me to a level that I never knew I could achieve.

“The first bit of advice I would give to someone interested in pursuing a career in Massage Therapy is to have a passion for helping others. Second, it is important to have the mindset that continued education is key for ongoing success. The learning never ends!”

There are so many important things that I learned from the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program. If I were to pick just one, I would have to say that it is the deeper understanding of the body, how it works and how Neuromuscular Therapy techniques can help facilitate healing and restoration to the body.

Having the extensive ANMT education and training has helped me tremendously in managing my clients issues to a point to where they are amazed with the immediate improvement after the session. Whether it’s a reduction in pain, an increase in mobility/range of motion or just overall feeling better from the techniques that I use it is because of the knowledge I have from the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program.

I Cannot Imagine Doing Anything Other Than Massage

Currently, I am working at Burke Williams Day Spa on Santana Row. I started working there one month after graduating from the Core Program and one module into the ANMT program. There is so much that I love about my career, but I have to say that one of the most amazing things for me is that I am able to help people by reducing their pain and stress, improving mobility, range of motion and providing therapeutic massage that helps facilitate the body to function as it should and to repair and heal in a healthier manner.

Therapeutic massage is my true passion. I am now also a Massage Lead/Trainer at Burke Williams. I love teaching and sharing my passion for massage with my colleagues. I have built up a solid return clientele at the spa and am able to incorporate my NMT techniques and knowledge in my sessions there. Also, I am working on building up a bigger private clientele outside of Burke Williams. I cannot imagine doing anything other than massage.

Though I have only worked at Burke Williams Day Spa since becoming a CMT/ANMT, I feel that my ANMT background is what enabled me to be promoted to Massage Lead/Trainer in 2020 with less than two years of actual “hands on” massage experience.

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