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Jul 8, 2022

NHI Santa Rosa Grad Aliezah Hulett Lands Her Dream Job Right Out of School

NHI Santa Rosa Grad Aliezah Hulett at Massage For Athletes, Inc.

NHI Santa Rosa Grad Aliezah Hulett at Massage For Athletes, Inc.

Aliezah Hulett is a graduate of the Core Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI Santa Rosa. Immediately after completing her massage therapy training, Aliezah was hired at Massage For Athletes, Inc.

Learn more about Aliezah and her journey through pregnancy and a pandemic to land her dream job below.

I Found a Passion for Massage Therapy

I first visited NHI when I found out that I was six weeks pregnant with my first child. I attended an Open House where I was amazed by current students and welcomed by the wonderful Jessica. Her energy captivated me and I ended up wanting to attend a class. That was where I met B.D. White. She is one of the most amazing human beings I have ever encountered. I didn’t know it then but she would become a role model for my young adult years. I enrolled in NHI a few months later and I became a part of the legacy that is Group 48. It was a 6 pm to 10 pm year-long class, which was perfect for me!

I feel so fortunate to have found a passion for massage therapy and it would not have been possible without the amazing staff at the National Holistic Institute’s Santa Rosa campus. All the instructors: B.D., Breanna, Gabe, Jessica, and those who had been in class for 6 months prior, our “seniors”, led me through the Eastern unit. The positive spirit and thoughtfulness that filled the air each evening is a memory I will always treasure.

I Felt so Fortunate to Have a Community Around Me

My belly grew, and I felt so fortunate to have a community around me that cared about my aches and pains. We often talked about my changing body in class, and I was always made to feel accepted. I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum my entire pregnancy, but B.D. was such a shining light in the darkness. She helped me secure an externship at the Santa Rosa Junior College’s Athletic Center with the incredible Dr. Okubo. When we were preparing to end our Eastern unit and say a tearful farewell to our seniors, I had been discussing with B.D. how we would continue my education online when the baby was born.

Then, in March 2020, the unimaginable happened. For those who thrive off of physical touch, not even being able to hug goodbye was heartbreaking. I was glad to have an extended maternity leave, and I was so grateful that NHI was able to approach the pandemic effectively. Breanna dropped a massage table off on my doorstep, and my husband definitely loved being my practice partner. I was able to follow along online and now that in-person classes have started again, I can go back and sit in for whatever class I’d like to see up close.

I was Able to Land My Dream Job Right out of School

Testimonial for Aliezah Hulett

Testimonial for Aliezah Hulett

Now, I work at Massage For Athletes, Inc. in Santa Rosa and I feel that I was able to land my dream job right out of school! I learned so much during my externship at the Junior College and quickly realized that sports massage was something I wanted to do.

I love being able to directly help current and retired first responders in my community. Most of all, I love aiding in the recovery of those who have endured injuries.

The confidence that I gained throughout my time at NHI has followed me into my career. I was able to become knowledgeable about the entire human body as well as how to make my patients feel comfortable.

Also, I was able to learn how to quickly and effectively complete S.O.A.P. charts at NHI, and it is such an essential part of my job when performing Worker’s Compensation massages.

I Have Always Wanted to Help Others

I have always wanted to help others. I personally felt that the aspects of learning about human anatomy and connecting with our spirituality mostly drew me into massage. If these things appeal to you then I would say that NHI is the perfect place to be.

I recommend NHI to new parents as they were accommodating, understanding, motivating, inspirational human beings all along the year-long process of graduating AND journey after graduation towards employment. NHI has been an essential step in finding a career that works for me, my husband, and now two children.

Connect with Aliezah by visiting her page on the Massage For Athletes, Inc. website.

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