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Aug 10, 2022

NHI Studio City Graduate Lama Jigme Tenzin Finds Fulfillment as a Massage Therapist

Lama Jigme Tenzin | NHI Studio City Graduate

Lama Jigme Tenzin | NHI Studio City Graduate

Nearly 5 years ago, Lama Jigme Tenzin graduated from NHI Studio City’s Core Massage Therapy Training Program. Already a teacher of meditation, yoga and other holistic practices, Jigme’s pursuit of massage therapy training led to a career he loves as a massage therapist.

Discover more about Jigme’s background and find out what he’s up to now.

I Find it Very Fulfilling Knowing That I Have Made a Difference

I was born and raised in Bhutan (Eastern Himalayas). My title is Lama, which means spiritual leader/teacher. I’m a former Tibetan Buddhist Monk and Tibetan Buddhist teacher. Before going to NHI Studio City, I taught Buddhist philosophy, meditation, Tibetan Buddhist yoga and Tibetan Buddhist traditional energy healing.

I decided to become a massage therapist because I love helping people. I am very passionate about the benefits of massage therapy. At the end of the day, I find it very fulfilling knowing that I have made a difference in helping clients feel better.

I attend NHI in 2016 and graduated in 2017, completing 900 hours of training in the Core program with group 56.

Going to NHI led to Huge Growth With My Practice

Going to NHI is the best choice I’ve ever made. Doing so led to huge growth with my practice and has enabled me to help countless people. National Holistic Institute has the best system and the best teachers who can help your career grow!

Currently, I work at The Spa at Equinox Sports Club in Los Angeles as well as Soothe Mobile Massage Company. I love interacting with people and love providing healing massage.

If you are looking into attending NHI, my suggestion would be to do it and never give up! Becoming a massage therapist is the best job if you love to help others! You can help them physically and mentally.

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