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Sep 13, 2023

Clovis Student Monique Montero Pursues Her Dream Career and Refuses to be Defined by Her Disability

Clovis Student Monique Montero Pursues Her Dream Career and Refuses to be Defined by Her Disability

Clovis Student Monique Montero Pursues Her Dream Career and Refuses to be Defined by Her Disability

Meet Monique Montero. Monique is currently enrolled in the Core Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI Clovis. Although visually impaired, Monique refuses to be defined by her disability.

Discover more about Monique by reading her story below.

I am More Than My Disability

Monique (front left) with her family

Monique (front left) with her family

Hello, my name is Monique. I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, and all of those things mean more to me and describe who I am more than my disability.

I am visually impaired and have been a homemaker for the last 20 years, thinking of a way to get back into the workforce and find my next passion in life.

Besides, being a mother was very difficult and finding an organization who is willing to give someone like me an opportunity was even harder.

Not only am I appreciative, but I feel very fortunate that NHI was willing to give me an opportunity to chase a second dream in life. Today, I can say I am proud to be a student at NHI Clovis, and look forward to the career choice that I have made.

I am on My way to Becoming a Professional Massage Therapist

One of Monique's 100% scores on a recent exam

One of Monique’s 100% scores on a recent exam

Because of NHI, all of the things I describe above have now been joined with being able to say that I am on my way to becoming a professional massage therapist.

I like to say that I’m a dreamer and something like this is a dream come true. When dreams become a plan, and plans become goals, and goals are moved to the steps, that dream becomes a reality. I look forward to the path I take with NHI and the reality that I get to experience.

A family member who also attended the NHI Clovis campus inspired me to look into NHI. She spoke very highly of it and is so good at what she does. I am visually impaired, and felt as though this field would be great for me. Once I met everybody on campus, I completely fell in love.

The admin team is amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better situation. They have helped me every step of the way. They have advocated for me, accommodated my needs, and have been so patient, kind and understanding.

I truly appreciate everything they have done and are continuing to do to help further my education.

So far, the most memorable event that has happened at NHI for me has been being able to get 100% on my tests. It was so exciting to be able to tell my kids that their mom aced it.

To hear my family tell me, “Great job, we knew you could do it,” was amazing!

I am Going to Open My own Business

After I complete the core program, I will be furthering my education by going to the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program. Once I complete that program, I am going to open my own business.

The advice I would give to anyone who is interested in NHI would be to sit in during our classes, attend the Open House events, speak to the students, talk to the administrators and meet the teachers. You will realize how unique our campus is.

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