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Oct 16, 2023

NHI San Jose Grad Eva Chalupova Owns and Operates Orthopedic Restorative Massage

Ana Chalupova completed the Core and ANMT Programs at NHI San Jose

Eva Chalupova completed the Core and ANMT Programs at NHI San Jose

What began as a visit to an open house event at NHI San Jose for Eva Chalupova developed into a vision of opening a manual therapy practice of her own. As a graduate of the Core Massage Therapy Training Program and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program, Ana now owns and operates a clinic in downtown Menlo Park, CA, Orthopedic Restorative Massage.

Discover how Eva turned her vision into a reality by reading her story below.

Clinical, Specific and Scientifically Proven Manual Therapy

A few years ago, I graduated the ANMT program with a clear vision of  providing clinical, specific and scientifically proven manual therapy that brings people relief from pain and musculoskeletal dysfunctions.

After graduation, I was very fortunate to be able to start practicing in the environments where my treatments had a positive impact and purpose for any given issue my clients came in to address.

I have been dedicated to learn from experienced therapists and study other advanced and orthopedic techniques even deeper along with other synergistic techniques and methods to support healing and recovery.

NHI graduate, Ana Chalupova enjoys time outdoors

NHI graduate, Eva Chalupova enjoys time outdoors

Today, I feel so privileged to be an owner of a small clinic in downtown Menlo Park, CA, Orthopedic Restorative Massage, which serves the most loyal, curious, kind and interesting clientele I have ever met. I’ve been able to grow the clientele over the past three years despite the difficult times that we all went through.

My commitment is to serve this community and provide advanced services in the future. One day, I hope to do this with other ANMT graduates who share the same dream and passion that planted a seed in me while studying in the NHI classroom back in 2018.

What I find most rewarding is getting to know my clients and together, work out their ailments with a customized approach. I love the problem solving component of my work and creating an appropriate strategy that is often different with each client.

Above all, I love being self-employed, independent and being creative in expending my tool kit.

NHI Made a Huge Impression on Me

NHI made a huge impression on me while attending an open house event where I experienced such a peaceful, non-judgmental space with kind and patient teachers who strived to pass down their experience to make their students successful on their massage therapy journey.

Attending NHI was mostly an intuitive choice for me, as I suddenly knew I should be there.

My goal was to provide effective and clinical work and understand very well what I need to do and why. The ANMT program triggered my curiosity to learn more and to keep learning after the program as well.

NHI has a very good reputation and that opened doors for me to some exceptional clinics right after finishing the ANMT program.

Frequent HOPRS (History, Observation, Palpation, Range of Motion Tests and Special Orthopedic Tests) classes were very helpful to me and also discussing study cases in each module that trained us to think of strategies for appropriate treatment.

Be Curious, Keep Learning and Experiment

If you are considering National Holistic Institute, be curious, keep learning and experiment. Try everything you learn on yourself too. Receive regular manual therapy treatments from different therapists and also learn from your colleagues. Think about your self-care first before helping others.

Contact Eva at Orthopedic Restorative Massage today.

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