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Feb 18, 2021

NHI Santa Rosa Graduate Katherine Sciford builds her private practice throughout the pandemic

NHI Santa Rosa Graduate Katherine Sciford

Santa Rosa Massage School Graduate Katherine Sciford reflects on her experience at NHI and how the pandemic has allowed her to build her private practice. Learn more about Katherine and her story below.

My time at NHI was and always has been a fantastic experience. It was a lot of hard work and time but it’s all worth it from my experiences. NHI only wants to help their students exceed and provide guidance in anyway they can. I at first wasn’t so sure of myself. But NHI kept going with me and I had the best classmates to help me forward from my own insecurities and other stresses I had at the time. I had the best support system and I still keep in touch with my classmates. This school has helped me succeed in my dream and getting a job that I love.

Katherine at the NHI Santa Rosa Campus

Massage therapy has so many career options just waiting to meet the right person. If spas aren’t your thing you have more options to go into. Massage is also a career where they are always hiring and always looking. I also say that getting into massage opens a lot of doors related to massage like chiropractic and physical therapy. This beats traditional college that makes you take so many classes that isn’t always relevant to what you are wanting to do. This school opens so many options waiting to be discovered by you.

I love massage therapy because when I work with clients I can see and feel their problems melt away when they get off my table. I have the knowledge and power to continue making clients feel that they have been heard and they can feel the difference.

It’s been hard during this pandemic with spas opening and closing however it has helped me have more time to actually make my own small business for private practice. “A blessing in disguise,” most would say.

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