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Mar 18, 2021

Staff Spotlight | NHI Sacramento Instructor Alicia Priebe is an Integral Part of the Learning Process She Once Feared and Avoided

NHI Sacramento Instructor, Alicia Priebe is a Graduate of NHI’s Core & Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Programs

Instructors know EVERYTHING, right? While this may appear to be true on the surface, the fact is, great instructors acknowledge they don’t know everything and are always learning, often times from their own students. Alicia Priebe, the focus of this Staff Spotlight, is an Instructor at our Sacramento Campus. Prior to that, she was a graduate, with honors, of our Core & Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Programs. Prior to that…we think it’s best to let Alicia take it from here as she details her inspiring story below.

I always knew I wanted to help people. When people would ask me as a child what I wanted to do when I grew up, my response was just that, “I want to help people!” Throughout high school, I realized that school didn’t come easily to me. I would sit in the back row and zone out during class, just to struggle my way through tests and exams.

When I graduated high school, I went to college, because that is what everyone expected of me. I signed up for a 4-year college program and during the first semester, realized the lectures and classroom structures were not set up to help me thrive. I felt like I was falling behind in class and unable to keep up with the other students.

I became a 3 time college drop out, before being diagnosed with ADD. I remember crying and telling my husband, “I always knew there was a reason I wasn’t good in school! I knew I was smarter than what my grades would show!”

If I am honest, at that point, I had given up on secondary education. I assumed every college experience would be the same – lecture, test, lecture, test. I also assumed the end result would be me signing up, being excited and quickly failing — so I listened to my fear and avoided the process.

Until I found National Holistic Institute.

The classes were set up with three types of learning styles:

1. Auditory (for those learn by hearing)
2. Visual (for those who learn by seeing)
3. Kinesthetic (for those who learn by doing)

I found that I needed all three to really allow me to learn, grow and thrive in an educational environment! Shortly into my time at NHI, I decided to work hard to graduate with honors, which given my past education history, seemed close to impossible. Both the teachers and the students joined in to celebrate and challenge me towards my goals. The community you build during the program is enough to keep you wanting and excited to come to class on a daily basis. It feels like home when you are on campus.

As I began to see myself doing better at school, I started noticing that I set more goals for myself. I wanted to keep going, bigger and better. As I looked forward to graduating the Core Program from the NHI Redding Campus, I decided to keep going in my education and signed up for the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program at the NHI Sacramento Campus. This program challenged me in new ways, but I continued to have the support of those at the school cheering me on to finish strong.

After lots of notes, heavy books, bodywork, laughs and, lets be real, a few tears- I graduated from NHI with honors! I will never forget the day I was handed my diploma, and the pride that I had for myself in fighting for my goals, my dreams and my career! I was grateful for a school and program that does class differently, and helped me see that education is not a cookie cutter process! I knew I wanted to help others, and I found others at NHI who were passionate about it as well.

“Trust your gut!! If you have a passion, follow it! If you have a dream, chase it! This is a program that will grow you into more that just an amazing Massage Therapist, this is a program that will grow you as person! 8 months is not a long time to change your life – so what are you waiting for?!”

I never thought I would find a career that I love so much – however National Holistic Institute provided me with just that, and I loved it so much that I am now back at NHI as an instructor with the passion to help support, cheer on and celebrate others as they achieve their goals in life. I want to help others thrive in their education and find the work they love.

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