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Mar 9, 2021

NHI Studio City’s Emily Watts has work she LOVES as a graduate of the Core and ANMT Programs

Emily Watts is a graduate of NHI Studio City’s Core and Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Programs. Read Emily’s testimonial below to learn how she now has work she loves!

When I first decided to get into the career of massage I never thought it was going to be a great as it’s been, despite current events (COVID-19) my massage journey the last 2 years has been amazing, I’ve met some amazing people and have had a great experience with the staff. It was a professional and personal growth I needed in my life and I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and help people heal from pains they never thought would be possible to escape. I’ve really found work I love through NHI.

“Enter with an open mind set about different ways on how to help someone. I’ve learned that even the slightest adjustment to tending to someone’s normal “pain” can make a huge difference. And being able to have different types of modalities and knowledge about everything is such an amazing tool NHI offers.”

I currently work at a Spa in Studio City and with a Physical Therapist. Both experiences are different but the same. I get to utilize my knowledge of the human body and pain patterns people deal with, while also learning more and more as I grow further in my career with both companies, it’s very satisfying after each session hearing the clients say they feel better after dealing with something they didn’t think had a solution.

NHI helped me learn the proper skill sets to be able to approach the body to not just see it as something to “fix” but something to tend to and maintain proper practices to help heal itself. Being able to understand the body better and how it works has made a huge impact on not just my own body but how to help others heal their own in a natural and effective way.

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