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Apr 13, 2021

Sacramento Student Chris Poe shares how NHI has transformed his life, purpose and passion for helping others

NHI Sacramento Student, Chris Poe

At 49 years old, NHI Sacramento Student Chris Poe proves it’s never too late to pursue a career you love. Read all about Chris’ story below.

I crossed paths with NHI via divine timing. This is the story of that.

I’d been searching for a way to be of service to my community and fellow humans for a long time. Unfortunately, the journey I was on, as well as the career I had chosen, wasn’t facilitating a way for me to connect with and help people on a much more transformative and deeper level. I had been hitting decades of dead ends. The “9-5” I was working wasn’t affording me that opportunity. In fact, it had become stressful and I just didn’t feel like I was doing something with my life, career-wise, which was remotely fulfilling. I’ve always been one of those “I just want to be of service” types of people. And it was becoming very clear to me that I needed to pivot in a major way.

I’m 49. About 25 years ago I decided I wanted to go to massage school. Without knowing anything about massage, modalities or technique, I cobbled $1200 together to go to a massage school in Venice Beach, CA. The course was for Shiatsu. I thoroughly enjoyed it, albeit it wasn’t what I had expected. I imagined sweeping movements, oil, incense etc. On the last day our instructor asked if we’d like to see some special techniques. She wanted to show us some Swedish Massage. I was hooked! Yes! This! This is what I was wanting to learn. I was entranced as a light bulb went on above my head, bright as could be! However…I hadn’t saved any other monies to be able to take that course. It was slightly deflating, to say the least. But I never forgot that excitement and I that thought of “what if?” that accompanies reflections and memories like those.

Cut back to June 2020. Pandemic in full swing. I’m overworked and very stressed out. Also very unfulfilled.

The stress had gotten bad enough that it physically manifested into back issues that had gotten so out of control that I need help. I ended up asking around and got a referral from a friend for a massage therapist. I had been recently enjoying memories of massage school and I thought, “it must be my back that has me thinking about massage school and the regret I had about not taking that Swedish course.” It really had been that persistent of a thought. Anyway, I went to my session. Of course it was sheer magic! Heaven. I was in awe of this massage therapist. Like I had just met the biggest rock star you could imagine. Literally star struck. I left that session a changed person. A person that wanted to follow their dream. A person who had been touched on a deeper level. Physically, I felt amazing! I hadn’t felt that good in what seemed like ages! And mentally, emotionally…I was calm. I was relaxed. The stress…eased. The smile returned to my face.

I asked my massage therapist where she went to school. She said “NHI”. I literally reached out to NHI that very day.

I had so much love, support and encouragement from the staff at NHI that it gave me the courage to tackle something I never thought I could do.”

From the beginning and all the way through this process, everyone, I mean EVERYONE at NHI has been supportive, caring, compassionate, open, honest and inspiring. So supportive, in fact, that it pushed me to get my GED. Oh yeah, like I said..I’m 49 …and up until October of 2020, I didn’t even have a GED. Think about that for a moment; I was out of school for about 30 years. But I had so much love, support and encouragement from the staff at NHI that it gave me the courage to tackle something I never thought I could do. And that’s the thing..there will be times in this course (I am doing the full 1250 hour Core & Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy[ANMT] course) where you may have a hurdle to overcome or need some guidance, and NHI is there to help guide you and support you with mentors, teachers and other staff as well as students. It’s a culture of support and trust. A culture of being of service to your community and fellow humans. And that is something I can wholeheartedly get behind. This school has helped transform my life, my purpose and passion for helping others.

Get a hold of these folks. It’s never too late to do something you love.

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