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Apr 22, 2021

“NHI became my sanctuary and my mentors and classmates became family.” – Brittany “Shon” Anderson, NHI Studio City Core & ANMT Program Graduate

NHI Studio City Core & ANMT Program Graduate, Brittany “Shon” Anderson

National Holistic Institute’s mission of “Helping People Have Work They Love” is built upon a foundation of core values such as, “telling the truth with compassion” and “positive energy flowing.”  NHI Graduate Brittany “Shon” Anderson highlights a few other core values of, “providing safe space” and “building confidence, creating opportunity” in her inspiring story below. Shon also shares the additional benefits of taking NHI’s Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program after completing the Core Massage Therapy Program.

I moved to Los Angeles, CA from Texas to attend to NHI. My greatest challenge was that I experienced homelessness during part of the time I was enrolled. One of my counselors was able to help me find temporary housing, which led to permanent housing! Though parts of the road were rough, the school became my sanctuary and my mentors and classmates became family.

This journey has initiated many changes in my life that have allowed me to grow vastly in a short amount of time. NHI is a place that everyone is able to show up as their best and highest self and unapologetically come and be as they are. I found the environment to be accepting, compassionate and full of very passionate, knowledgeable staff! I believe the education I received is the highest of top quality and I’m proud to be a graduate of NHI!

I work at Venice Soleil as a Massage Therapist and Esthetician and independently from home.

Shon providing sports massage at the Los Angeles Marathon

NHI provided me with many tools to help me better care for people on a much more deep and profound level with the holistic approach of both Eastern and Western modalities included in the Core Massage Therapy Program.

I went on to complete the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program because I felt it would prepare me to have the tools to work smarter instead of harder. I knew it would give me more confidence with anatomy, working with clients who have had injuries, and ultimately save me time with building skill through my experience.

The ANMT Program has allowed me to think faster and more precisely, I’m able to intuitively connect to my clients better in addition to learning how to find and release trigger points in the body in very tricky places.

I’m now more sought after as a  Neuromuscular Therapist. Employers have faith in my skill and ability to perform services at an exceptional level.

The biggest takeaway from the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program, for me, would be the biological level of study that helps us understand what is happening on a microscopic level with the muscles during their use, underuse, overuse, or with injury. Learning about the many ways the muscles differs and even variable muscles was very fascinating. Seeing the cadavers helped me to have a better understanding of where the muscles are on my clients.

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