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Mar 15, 2022

NHI Sacramento Grad Laura Rodriguez Pursues Her Passion for Massage Therapy

Laura Rodriguez (left) celebrating with some fellow NHI graduates

Laura Rodriguez (left) celebrating with some fellow NHI graduates

Laura Rodriguez has work she loves as a massage therapist. What started off as an impromptu desire to release a coworker’s shoulder tension turned into a pursuit of Laura’s passion for massage therapy.

Continue reading to discover Laura’s pathway towards becoming a massage therapist.

She got me thinking a lot about it

I had been working for Regional Cardiology for almost 7 years, I had noticed one of my coworkers, Ann, struggling with some pain. I asked her if I could feel her shoulders, she said yes. I then started to notice that there was a lot of tension, and I was able to release it and she felt much better. She asked if I was doing this professionally, I chuckled and said no. She was very surprised and said, “Laura, I know you love taking care of patients, but this is your calling.”

She got me thinking a lot about it, but I did not have the money for it. Ann would not stop asking me if I had looked into it for a long time, a long time. I was on Instagram just browsing, when I saw an ad for NHI. I said “there is a reason why this popped up!”

I love to give massages

Laura (right) with a few classmates

Laura (right) with a few classmates

Someone else had set up an appointment for me to walk through the campus and see it for myself. I was too scared, then the pandemic happened. I looked at the reviews and comments that every student and client said about NHI.

After that, I went online and set up an appointment for a Zoom webinar. I really enjoyed the way the teachers explained everything and how much interest they had for those who wanted to, ” Love what you do.” I love to give massages and have that feeling of helping someone’s tension and pain. I said, “This is my school.”

At this time, I am doing mobile massages to close friends and other people who I worked on while I was still in school. My dream and passion is to have my own practice. I know that soon I will.

“If you are thinking of going to NHI, don’t be scared. If you know within you that this is something you want, go for it. This is an experience that you will never forget or regret. This is not your ordinary school, college, or anything like that. You will learn and at the same time love doing what you really want to do.”

National Holistic Institute has and still is helping me to do what I must and what I LOVE. My mentor continues to encourage me to get to that stage of my dream. For that I am so grateful because she continues to get in touch with me.

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