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Jun 14, 2022

Get to Know Some of NHI Studio City’s Newest Students From Group 51

NHI Studio City Students from Group 51. Joanna Vargas (3rd from right) & Sarah Cho (right)

NHI Studio City Students from Group 51 | Joanna Vargas (3rd from right) & Sarah Cho (right)

NHI Studio City is one of 10 Campuses located in our California based massage therapy school. This particular cohort of students, Group 51, started our Core Massage Therapy Training Program in March 2022.

Five students from Group 51, Sarah Cho, Alexia Guevara, Azwaun Holgate, Avis Corral and Joanna Vargas answered a few questions to provide insight into their individual stories along with their shared journey on the path to becoming professionally trained Massage Therapists.

Get to know them as they share their stories below.

Tell Us About Yourself and/or Your Story

Sarah Cho: In the middle of receiving a massage at a local spa the light bulb went off. I WANT TO PROVIDE THIS KIND OF RELIEF and REHABILITATION TO OTHERS! I contacted NHI the next day. Every staff member has been helpful and professional. The enrollment process was EASY. Starting school at NHI has given me a new outlook on how beneficial massage truly is.

Not only does it make you feel better, or target certain areas that are tight with a low range of motion but massage is good for your overall well-being. I am excited about bringing relaxation and wellness to others. NHI is a great place to learn a profession that is satisfying, rewarding and brings good to humans!

Alexia Guevara: My first day of class I was beyond nervous, and did not know what to really expect. But I remember everyone talking and creating friendships off the bat while I continued to keep to myself. Our first long day class everything completely flipped. All of a sudden everyone was talking and interacting with each other as if we knew each other for years.

This might have been my favorite thing to ever happen in an academic setting.

Azwaun Holgate: Looking for a career I’m passionate about, where I get to work with others, help people get away from their problem etc., make my own schedule and make a good living doing it. I was on interested in becoming a physical therapist, but was not fully set on it. Having doubts, I started to think about what am I good at, what career can I have that fits my personality. Then it hit me, I can become a Massage Therapist! I quickly text my friend who is a chiropractor and he pointed me to NHI.

He went on to tell me “ NHI is a really respected and accredited massage school, it would look great when you graduate from there!” Ever since the day I registered I have loved the decision that I have made, NHI has helped me in a lot of different ways besides massage therapy. The process so far has been amazing to me, looking to the future I’m so excited to see how this career will turn out for me!

Avis Corral: I am sharing this story to inspire anyone that is looking for a new career in one of the most exciting, rewarding and gratifying experiences in life. I am currently licensed as an Esthetician and can tell you that working in an environment of helping people with unfamiliar grounds of the face (or body) as an educator and professional is so rewarding and builds a confidence between you and your client(s) that is sure to get them to request you and return for future visits. YAY!

Getting this Massage Therapy certification will enhance my career in the beauty and now health industry. Win~Win!

Joanna Vargas: So far my National Holistic Institute experience has been great. I’m getting hands-on experience and learning some life-changing career advice from people who are currently working in the field. I’m also meeting great people and making friends while I’m learning.

Group 51 Students | Avis Corral (front) & Azwaun Holgate (left)

Group 51 Students | Avis Corral (front) & Azwaun Holgate (left)

Why did You Choose National Holistic Institute for Your Massage Therapy Education?

Sarah Cho: NHI has a great track record as a reputable school.

Alexia Guevara: I chose National Holistic Institute because I came one day for an open house and it felt right. As weird as that may sound, I remember telling my parents something just felt right. I felt like I was where I needed to be.

Azwaun Holgate: I chose NHI because of the connection I made with the staff when I called in and I didn’t feel pressured to come here.

Avis Corral: This school is highly reputable and credible with the State of California. The instructors and staff all have experience (and are certified) to give the most educational and hands-on interaction that makes you feel welcomed, motivated and proud. They are individually unique and entertaining (at some levels)…. Never boring. The school has flexible hours to attend such as, day/night, full time/part time and the school also helps you with getting financial assistance too (if needed and you qualify). Come in to check it out for yourselves!

Joanna Vargas: I researched a few schools and NHI looked the best in my opinion.

What’s the Most Memorable/Favorite Thing You’ve Learned at National Holistic Institute, so far?

Sarah Cho: I love the diversity of students and the knowledgeable, helpful instructors!

Alexia Guevara: My favorite thing here is all the support I get from all the staff as well as classmates. Any time I feel anxious or feel like I’m not on the right track someone is always there to help me out.

Azwaun Holgate: How to meditate, and staying neutral.

Avis Corral: The bones and muscles class because our instructors (Rebecca and Chris) made it seem interesting of how to remember bone parts with humor (Rebecca) and (Chris) there was a way he linked things to the music industry, such as hamstrings with the muscles. Super fun. Got an “A” on my bones and muscles test!!

Joanna Vargas: I’m not kidding, every day is my favorite.

Group 51 Students | Alexia Guevara (2nd from left)

Group 51 Students | Alexia Guevara (2nd from left)

What do You Hope to do After You Complete the Core Program?

Sarah Cho: I hope to be working in a spa and providing excellent massages.

Alexia Guevara: I hope to be working and using everything that I have learned in the program in the field. There is so many options to choose from, so I don’t know exactly what direction I want to go in yet.

Azwaun Holgate: After the core program, I would love to get a job working at a luxury spa.

Avis Corral: I hope to link this certification to my license in Esthetics and have two ways of enjoying the work that I love and make great money doing it!

Joanna Vargas: Work, work, work!

What Advice Would You Give to Someone Interested in Attending National Holistic Institute or Pursuing Massage Therapy as a Career?

Sarah Cho: JUST DO IT!!!!

Alexia Guevara: I would tell them to come with an open mind and to take in all the information given to you. If you do this you will be nothing less than successful.

Azwaun Holgate: Come into the program with a open mind willing to learn everything you can.

Avis Corral: Come in for an open house and check it out. Talk to students and graduates about their experience and their recommendation of the school.

Joanna Vargas: Be open minded and ready for self study and bodywork. Everyone can benefit from the touch of massage.

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