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Mar 28, 2023

NHI Studio City Grad Hiro Bower Gained a Career and Greater Confidence Through the Neuromuscular Therapy Program

Hiro Bower (second from left) with her fellow Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program classmates

Hiro Bower (second from the left) with her fellow Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program classmates

It’s said that, “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty.” An honest assessment of that which you value will make you realize that it likely came by some sort of sacrifice. Studio City graduate Hiro Bower’s story is a perfect example of the value that comes from enduring adversity.

What started as a way to delay entering the field of professional massage therapy developed into the means of boosting Hiro’s confidence and financial security. Keep reading to learn more about Hiro’s journey.

I had a friend who graduated from National Holistic Institute and recommended the experience. When I came to NHI, I felt inspired by the Massage Therapy Training Program, but I was afraid to enter the field. I decided to continue on through the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy (ANMT) Program to help build my confidence.

I Have Become a Better Person

To be honest, I hated the ANMT program at first. I considered quitting many times, but thanks to my mentors and friends, I felt inspired to continue. I am so grateful that I did. I became a better therapist because of this program, more importantly, I have become a better person.

More caring and compassionate, more patient with my self and others. I have learned to be a better part of my community, and I love the work I do to give back to the world.

Set Me Apart as a Therapist

I wanted to further my understanding, and as I said earlier, I felt afraid of going out into the field right away. It’s really important to work in the field while doing the ANMT Program. The adjustment was very challenging for me and I wish I had taken a month just to work in the field before starting the program, but once I did, I saw how the ANMT Program set me apart as a therapist.

I had 2 return clients from my very first shift as a therapist! And both of my clients told me I had given them information about their body that no one had ever given them before.

I Have the Tools to Understand My Clients

Getting to know your client is key. Stay curious about their experiences and how that has shaped their body and their relationship/awareness of their body. Being sensitive to where they are with their pain is important to understand how to approach it in sessions.

If I have a client with medical history I have the tools to understand them and relate with their experience. If they are working with other practitioners I know how to work with those plans and build on them as well. As a new therapist there is still a lot I don’t know, but I have a foundation that helps me understand how I can build my knowledge and career going forward.

Hiro Bower and her group mates proudly displaying their diplomas

Hiro Bower and her group mates proudly displaying their diplomas

Helping People Feel Seen

Through the ANMT Program, my communication with clients has improved. I can name the pain. This is a very powerful tool in helping people feel seen, which is what I believe massage is really about. People just want to feel seen. When we can do that for people, we bridge that mind and body connection by creating a dialogue around what we do as neuromuscular therapists. I can see my clients walking away with more from our sessions.

When you pursue something you love in a field that centers around helping others- you attract a community of like minded people. I joined NHI during a really difficult period in life, on top of my personal matters, I felt financially insecure and struggled with a lot of post-pandemic social anxiety. Through this community I gained a lot of confidence in myself and my work, and I’m so grateful to say I am far more financially secure after finishing ANMT.

Currently, I work at 2 spas and I work for myself. My favorite part of my work is the feeling I get when I can help someone let go. Watching someone’s energy transform from the beginning of a session to the end is so rewarding.

Experience That Will Only Add to Your Life

If you’re thinking of joining, I promise you it’s not a waste of time. You get what you give, but if you choose to push through the challenges, the people and the program will help you discover a part of yourself you didn’t know you needed.

Just do it. This is the type of experience that will only add to your life. The ANMT program is incredible, but nothing is perfect. So think deeply about your experience as you go through it and provide feedback.

Take your externship seriously!!! Work somewhere you wouldn’t imagine going. It helps build your confidence to have your teachers and peers to talk about your experience before officially entering the field. The beauty of this school is it is willing to adapt and learn from each students experience.

Use your voice in school, because it is also important to learn to use your voice and advocate for yourself as you go through the field as a massage therapist too.

Stay curious at every turn, because there is always something new to learn. You got this!

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