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Feb 7, 2023

NHI Sacramento Grad Eliesha Schroeder Hopes to Merge Her Skills as a Nurse and Massage Therapist to Open a Wellness Center

NHI Sacramento graduate Eliesha Schroeder is a licensed nurse and certified massage therapist

NHI Sacramento graduate Eliesha Schroeder is a licensed nurse and certified massage therapist

Eliesha Schroeder is a graduate of the Core Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI Sacramento. Already a licensed nurse, Eliesha decided to add yet another in-demand health care profession to her skillset with aspirations of opening a Wellness Center which would offer a wide variety of modalities.

Discover how Eliesha added massage therapy to her skills and learn how she plans to achieve her dream by reading her story below.

NHI Found Me

How did I find NHI, actually, NHI found me! – I was looking for massage schools, and NHI reached out and made getting enrolled along with my financial aid package, very easy. The evening classes met my schedule, and within 2 weeks of talking to an admissions representative I was taking classes!

Since graduating from NHI, I have created forms for consent to disclose information to other professionals, sexual harassment, modalities offered and possible side effects from those modalities (giving the client the opportunity to accept only those modalities that they like by declining those that they don’t want), and SOAP Notes.

I used the AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association) forms as a starting point and my experience in the medical community as a nurse to create all my forms. I also have my website up and business cards printed so that I was ready to hit the ground running upon graduation. I’m currently renting space in a chiropractors office.

I am Building Something Great

I am a nurse with Freedom Home Health in Marysville, and worked there throughout my time in the Core program at NHI. My partner and I have six kids together, so I had to work hard to make school a priority. Now that I am done with school, I can say that it was definitely worth it!

I am building something great. I had my business license before I graduated and my CAMTC Certification within 2 weeks of graduating. I am currently working under a chiropractor, and I recommend this as a massage therapist. You get clients who know that the work you are doing is therapeutic, and you get a lot of practice interacting with other medical professionals.

Currently, I always ask massage clients for a medications list so that I can reconcile what they are taking with any contraindications for massage. At the moment, I am a licensed nurse and certified massage therapist, and I am doing both as separate practices. I hope to eventually be able to merge my nursing and massage practices so that I can operate out of one location.

Ultimately, my plan is to open a Wellness Center which offers a wide variety of modalities, not just massage.

Expand My Business and Give Back to NHI

One thing that I love about NHI is all the post-graduate support that they provide to graduates. As alumni, we have the opportunity to share our success stories, help current students hone their skills with special events for our new business, and even provide externship opportunities once our businesses are up and running. These benefits allow me to expand my business and give back to NHI.

As my massage practice grows, I am realizing just how important body mechanics are.  NHI always stresses body mechanics, but it is a daily effort to make sure my body mechanics are adequate to ensure longevity in my massage therapy career.

I started doing hot stones and many of my clients really love it. I find it very helpful in getting certain kinds of muscles to release and provide the help my clients need. For example, I have used it for clients with both plantar fasciitis and gout, and gotten excellent results in both cases.

Although I offer many modalities within the umbrella of massage (Swedish, deep tissue, MFT, hot stone, foot acupressure, etc.) my pricing is only according to time: 30, 60 or 90 minutes. I do an assessment, and then decide which modalities would most benefit the client.

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