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Mar 3, 2021

NHI Students & Graduates Share Their Positive Massage School Interactive Distance Learning Experiences

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented changes to the ways we work, socialize, and learn. NHI too had to adapt to meet the moment by shifting from an 100% in-person environment to interactive distance learning with in-person supervised training clinics. While there may be a natural hesitation to learn a hands-on profession digitally, we are proud of our ability to continue to train world class Massage Therapists through these unprecedented times.

More importantly, our students and graduates agree that now is a great time to learn how to be a Massage Therapist at NHI. Here are some of our students and graduates’ experiences with interactive distance learning at NHI in their own words:

“I am so impressed with how the staff at NHI is taking on education during a pandemic. Even though most of our learning has been remote, I never once felt like I wasn’t getting the support I needed. The instructors are dynamic individuals who present an amazing level of enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism that inspire me to work harder to achieve my goals of being the best possible Massage Therapist I can be! NHI is proof that it is possible to bounce forward through this pandemic into the future. I appreciate each and every one of my instructors for everything they do and the amazing pool of knowledge they are happy to pass along.” Renae Verbera (NHI Santa Rosa)

“Signing up for the program in the beginning of 2020, I was a little apprehensive to continue learning a physical trade while in the midst of a global pandemic, but the experience NHI has provided has been nothing short of phenomenal! Although none of us could have expected what 2020 had in store, the NHI staff and mentors have been amazing at adapting to assure the safety of all involved (staff, mentors, students and clients) while continuing to provide excellent and detailed education in the growing massage field.” – M (NHI Ontario)

“The COVID 19 pandemic is an unprecedented global event that has brought a huge amount of changes and modifications to both the campus and the program. In my eight months of training, the NHI San Jose Campus effectively compensated for the new requirements of the times. The teachers and management staff took on a huge task in administering this and to them I must say, “bravo!” The staff’s whole-hearted care for students was easily translated across a virtual medium, CDC protocols for in-person education were followed acutely, and open lines of communication were maintained -throughout the process. Well done!” – Austin Verret (NHI  San Jose)

The entire way through the course despite the unknown factors of the pandemic, everyone working at NHI made themselves available to us, answering questions about online books, externship queries, employer zoom meetups, exam prep and study labs, and our out of classwork assignments. My experience on campus as well as on Zoom has been so great. Everyone wants to see everyone SUCCEED!” Kimberly T (NHI Emeryville)

“Teachers and administrators went above and beyond with creative teaching workarounds, supplemental labs, and individual support for a variety of challenges. Fortunately for us in San Jose, no group graduated without hands on training, and our campus manager, teachers, and administrators worked proactively to design an environment according to safety guidelines for the pandemic to ensure sufficient hands on training for us begin our careers and meet certification requirements upon graduation.” – Liam Brereton (NHI San Jose)

“What a crazy year it has been! When I first applied to NHI I didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I loved working with the body and helping others. But, what I found along the way through my classes at NHI was much more, I found a second home. Coming from a background with severe learning challenges, the online platform terrified me. I was facing uncertainty that wouldn’t be able to complete certain academic requirements such as tests, quizzes, and bodywork etc. NHI has done an incredible job with placing their success on their students’ success which allows them to fully be present along the way with accommodating any of the students’ needs or requirements.” – Noah Amparano (NHI Santa Rosa)

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