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Oct 10, 2022

NHI Santa Rosa Grad Blossom Neidenbach Finds Her Passion in Massage Therapy

NHI Santa Rosa Grad Blossom Neidenbach Finds Her Passion in Massage Therapy

NHI Santa Rosa Grad Blossom Neidenbach Finds Her Passion in Massage Therapy

Blossom Neidenbach is a recent graduate of our Core Massage Therapy Training Program at NHI Santa Rosa. Unsatisfied with her job in the midst of the pandemic, Blossom answered her calling to pursue a career in massage therapy. Discover how Blossom found work she loves as a massage therapist for a luxury hotel spa.

I Couldn’t Pass Up a Wonderful Opportunity

As you know, 2019 was a tough year for all of us! I was having a mid-life crisis at 25. I was miserable where I was working. I struggled with anxiety, major depression, and lack of a career. I decided to do some internal reflection/meditation/praying.

As I began to get a clear answer for my calling I started doing research about massage therapy and didn’t realize I had such a close opportunity in Sonoma county! I kept seeing ads pop up for NHI. I reached out, and David Bloomer and other colleagues at NHI Santa Rosa followed up immediately, answering any questions I had, which helped to make me feel comfortable. David really sold me on the program.

I couldn’t pass up such a wonderful opportunity to join! I loved that it was local and was easy to apply to! It was an easy onboarding process, when I needed help with any paperwork they were willing to meet with me and help guide me through! At the time I started we had a lot of on-line classes and then as CDC opened up to the public again we finally got to experience hands on opportunities with clients/guests.

I Wouldn’t Have a Career Without NHI

The training and education I received at NHI was very thorough and I enjoyed the structure of the classes. They include the history of massage modalities in their program. It was easy to do part time while working full time. For me, they offered two different schedules so it is very doable! I was very doubtful of myself graduating but I did it! Anytime I felt that doubt I’d express it and get reassurance from teachers, staff, and my fellow NHI family.

I wouldn’t have a career without NHI! I’m currently working at Spa Montage Healdsburg. I love the high quality services I provide for each guest, being able to heal someone in the smallest of ways even if that’s talking, stretching or providing massage therapy.

NHI Helped Me Find Something I’m Passionate About

If you are interested in learning more they have classes you can sit in on so you get a feel for it. Definitely reach out! Ask questions! Be curious! Anyone can become a massage therapist. You just have to believe in yourself! NHI really helped me find something I’m passionate about and want to carry with me forever it helped me get through my depression and anxiety as well, I made friends and memories I’ll have forever.

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